Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dream - A hand comes from behind my computer, pointing at the screen

On Saturday, June 19, 2010, around 4:00-4:30 PM, I was sleeping at the computer with the radio off. I dreamed I was waiting for the Yahoo email page to update itself, as the computer was running really slow and near the end of its resources (as it was in real life before I fell asleep), and after a while a hand came from around the computer screen and was pointing at where I had been moving the cursor, though it was now off more to the side. The hand seemed to be saying it knew what I had been doing and maybe even suggesting I move the cursor over there again. I wondered how it could know what I was doing. I think I had just been moving my own hand over there on the screen, looking at some items in the list, pointing at them with my fingers. How could the computer know what I had been doing with my hand? With the mouse pointer I could understand, but my hand was not part of the computer.

Then I swiveled my chest around to the right so I was facing toward the street and the computer on the other desk/table (I had two computers in the dream), and was looking at that one. It also had my email list on the screen, with some items cheeked, for possible deletion. I had forgotten that I had it on and the email on the screen on that one too. It had apparently been on since yesterday, tying up the phone line. I had forgotten all about it. I looked at the email there for a while, including moving the mouse to hover over the addresses and subjects, to cause them to expand into little windows, so I could see what they really were. I didn't want to actually do anything to it on this computer now, though, since I was also in the email on the other computer, and it would probably confuse the system, with undesirable results. It seems something odd was happening there too, something strange, but I don't remember what.

I went back to the first computer and started working there again, maybe calling up something else instead of the email, I'm not sure. After a while the hand came around the screen again. I moved my head back, staring at it. It seemed confusing. Could it be my hand? No, there were three hands.

I finally grabbed it and was pulling on it. After a bit of a struggle I pulled a short skinny man out from behind the computer, maybe five to five and a half feet tall, hippie looking, long brown hair parted in the middle and a short beard. He walked quickly out of the room, looking a little scared. I wondered if I should have held onto to him, should maybe go after him and try to catch him, but it seemed too much trouble. I was too tired, could hardly keep my eyes open.

I woke up then, and things were normal. When I closed my eyes a little while later though, I could see, on a background of lesser red, a ball of red particles, not large, turning and swirling, dense in the middle and with wider spaced particles circling it. It seemed almost like some kind of fireworks display. I watched it for a while, sometimes opening my eyes and closing them again, then went back to fiddling with the slow computer.

Note: Prince Charming, the cat, died around a day or so later, and was found in the cat room at my sister's house, wedged behind some things with a paw sticking out, which is reminiscent of the hand sticking out from behind the computer screen.

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Dream - The no-win situation

On Monday, June 14, 2010, around 4:15-7:00 PM, I dreamed I was with my mother. I had just picked her up somewhere. We were either in a very small room, cramped with things, or in the car, still cramped with things around us, though not much between us. We were separated by a little space, two or three feet, like she was in the passenger seat and I was in the driver's seat, though we could also have been sitting somewhere inside a small room as I said. I was going to take her somewhere, back to the house maybe. She looked younger than she does now, maybe in her fifties, maybe even forties. It was daytime, maybe early afternoon.

I was smiling, happy. I asked if she had seen it, on TV, when I had won. She had something she had tried that hadn't won. I hadn't expected her to win, I knew it was a waste of time, but it was something she wanted to do, something she wanted to try. She talked some about her attempt to win, but she wouldn't say anything about mine, and I kept repeating it. I knew that I had won, was absolutely sure of it. I had a lot of money now, or would soon.

I finally realized that she hadn't seen it, that it hadn't been on TV, and that I hadn't won either. I said something about it, getting quieter and trailing off a bit, looking less happy and more thoughtful. I was puzzled. I couldn't understand it, I was supposed to win, it had been fated that I should win. I thought about it to myself. I couldn't understand it, something must have gone wrong, but what could have happened? Had I just been fooling myself, and was no more likely to win than she had been?

She said, quietly, gently, not to worry, I would have a lot of other things, it was my birthday and they were going to give me presents and have a birthday dinner. We went home, and I lay in bed for a while. My sister came in and I talked to her for a while, until my mother and father came back. They talked a bit about what they had planned for me, the dinner and the presents they were going to give me. It was getting late afternoon now, and it wouldn't be long before it happened.

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Dream - The narrow valleys and the steep mountain ridges, and the dark funnel cloud that passed over my home

On Saturday, June 12, 2010, around 6:30-9:30 PM, I dreamed I was at home with my mother, who looked younger, maybe in her forties or fifties, but sometimes I went to the south, across a series of brown dirt mountain ridges, steep but not very tall. Sometimes there were more mountain ridges than at other times. I was going to a place associated with work, the work in Nevada, something to do with secret stuff I think and testing things, and maybe to some extent with bombing from planes. It all took place in a valley between the ridges, at least most of it. The valley was just a narrow crevice between the ridges, as the other valleys between the ridges were.

Then, at home, I was in my bedroom with my mother, talking to her. It was in the afternoon I think, Saturday or Sunday. Going to the window and pulling the curtains aside a bit, I saw outside a tall, black, funnel-shaped cloud not far away, to the north, and heading this way. It was coming fast. I told my mother about it and went back and looked out the window again at it. It was here already, things were falling down on the house in front of the window. I heard the impacts, mostly ash and cinders and things like clumps of gray-white burned charcoal almost the size of my fist.

My mother was trying to contact somebody about it, using a little device like an iPod in appearance. I tried to use a similar thing. I think the radio in the room had been on too. She got somebody but then lost the connection, and was saying something like, "Ohhhhh, they're gone, I've lost the connection," in an irritated manner. I had managed to get somebody on my device, and I wondered if I had interfered with her device, that they used the same phone connection and it wasn't able to keep them both going at once. The radio in the room was on a separate connection, the original phone connection, but the little device used a second one that was somehow set up.

Then my connection was gone and hers was back. The people she was talking to said they didn't have any records of what she was reporting, and so far no one else was reporting it, and gave other possible explanations, ones that didn't really make any sense, and sounded really patronizing. I suggested that maybe she should contact a TV station, that maybe they would have heard some reports. Considering the situation, since the people had said there were no reports, it seemed likely that the source of it might be very close, in the neighborhood, maybe no more than a few streets over, or even the next street over.

I tried to go out and find out more about it, and I went back over the mountain ridges to where I had been, in the very narrow valley, and it was starting to go over the ridge to it, but paused at the top of the ridge for a while, sometimes going partly down the side of the mountain and then retreating and going back up. A plane flew low over it and slightly between the ridges, above me, checking on it apparently, and it seemed the dark funnel cloud might be part of some test that was being done, somewhere over in the next narrow valley to the north, a valley that I had passed over to get here. It seemed confusing, though. I didn't know how the dark cloud could have passed over my house that way, if it had originated out here, well to the south of it, and it was going south as it passed over the house.

There was also something brief then about scientists in white working in laboratories, just a few of them, and hearing them talk about it a little, apparently working on it, and I was looking in from way above them, apparently viewing them, directed to them by someone else, but not actually physically being there.

Note: The dream was probably influenced by seeing on the CBS News at 6:00 PM, which I saw part of, the burning of part of the oil spill in the Caribbean Sea, which produced a tall slanted funnel-shaped cloud, very black.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Dream - The house with the narrow bridge, running from the Air Force, who thinks I'm an alien, then aliens are in my backyard and then in the kitchen

On Tuesday, June 8, 2010, around 10:00 AM-1:00 PM, I dreamed it was night, and I was driving along, though I think sometimes I was also walking. I was going to the far east side of the Phoenix area, deep into Mesa or Chandler probably, through a residential area on a major road. I think that someone else was with me, maybe in a different car. I believe I went through this area more than once in the dream.

Going back and forth, I eventually centered on and went to a house that had a long narrow raised bridge to the mailbox at the sidewalk, just a footpath. I walked up to the house with my mother and one or two other people. We walked around the house and in the doorways. I think it had two or three of them, at different places. The light was pretty dim. There were a few lights around the house, but they seemed almost decorative, and didn't put out much light. We went around the back to go in. I don't think people were there at first, but they came and invited us in. It was a large house with a large front yard, and sometimes looked a bit medieval from the front. It was fairly elaborate though, like something that might be owned by a wealthy person.

Someone may have commented on the narrow bridge to the mailbox out at the sidewalk, perhaps even me. In any case, it somehow got into the discussion. It was a rural style mailbox, on a post. The yard was several feet under the bridge, maybe as much as six feet or more in some areas, but the ground was irregular and rocky, with some water in some places I think, and partly covered by either an extremely low grass or a low moss. I guess I volunteered to go check the mail, to use the bridge going out to it. I guess I was just trying to show that I could do it, but I was a little uncertain about it, actually. I managed to walk out to the mailbox, with some hesitations along the way, but it seemed much narrower going back and I ended up hugging the bridge, not even sure I could proceed. The owner of the house kept encouraging me, and I did eventually make it back, though it was a long process. I may have done this more than once, I'm not sure.

I came back later, in the daytime, to have my legs and feet examined, to see if they were alright because of a past problem. The dog had scratched them earlier, but my legs and feet had looked alright. Now I found they had long massive open splits, gouges. The doctor, who both evidently lived at the house and had offices there, looked at my mother first. My father was also there, I think, and my brother, accompanying us. I tried to get the doctor's attention and show him my legs and feet and explain about the dog, but he looked briefly at them and nodded and said that can happen, and went back to working on my mother. I wandered back out. It was a square building, not overly large, and looked different than it had in the dark. In fact, at night sometimes it had seemed fairly large, though still square in shape. The yard even looked normal now, smaller and more of a normal size, and flat with normal grass, and it had a hedge separating it from its neighbor. We finally left.

Later, I went back to the house with the narrow bridge. It was getting late in the day. I thought it would be the doctor's house, but it had somebody else, a doctor who substitutes for him. I was there for a while. Supper was being fixed and I was offered to stay and have some, but I declined and said I had to leave. I went out, heading for the back, past a room where a couple of men, friends of theirs, were watching TV, and maybe playing cards. They also offered to have me stay, but I went on. They got up then, and started to leave the room, going the way I had come. It was time to have supper.

I continued making my way to the back. It was getting more complicated than before. There were more rooms and it was spread out more, and people were coming and going, through big glass doors, two or three layers of them, with small entryways in between. A woman asked if she could help and took me off to the side, to other rooms to take and exit from them eventually I guess. Some other people came in and passed through I guess, coming from the back. It seemed almost like some kind of business now, maybe part of a shopping center or large store, like a home improvement store. I wasn't sure this was the right way to go, where she had taken me. It might have been better trying to exit the other way. Some doors seemed to lead in that direction, to the back, from the relatively small room I was in, but there seemed to be other rooms in the way, and I wasn't sure I could get to the exit from them. I evidently got out eventually, but I'm not sure how.

Also, somewhere in the dream, I was gliding low over the parking lot of what was apparently a shopping center. I had driven in at night and parked there, going to the right around a long narrow feature. It seemed to be low concrete walls with a gap in the middle with a deep trench, with landscaping below, and some very small narrow arched bridges/footpaths over it. After parking I went up in the air and glided over things, going vaguely in the direction of the shopping center or whatever it was. It was late at night and I think closed. I expected it to be. There were lots of cars in the parking lots though. I may have been just exploring, or going by the shopping center to somewhere else, maybe trying to get home or to someplace I could stay for the night, when I got distracted by it.

I passed by a raised area with a military installation, Air Force I think. It had a big hill on one side that people had to go up, trainees at least, to an office at the top, where they were approved to reenter the base. Instead of going up the steep, paved, one lane road, I glided along it for a bit, then glided over the low concrete wall and went beside it, up the hillside, filled with rock outcroppings and brush, gliding low over it. A soldier with a mounted machine gun was looking out a window in a concrete wall, watching things, guarding the place. He reported what I was doing, and seemed uncertain about what to do. They radioed back to keep watch on me I think, and report on what I was doing, while they sent other people to try and capture me. I got in anyway, in the main building, staying mostly behind some shelves.

While there, I heard them talking about me and asking if they had found me. The soldier that had come in was saying that they had lost sight of me, but believed that I had gotten in the building. The officers seemed to believe I was an alien, from outer space, and had to be captured or killed.

Meanwhile, other soldiers were looking at me funny. They didn't recognize me. I hoped they would assume I was one of the new recruits. I tried to assume that role, and act like I was one. I eventually had to go to the other side of the shelves, where the officers were talking. I tried to be clumsy at things, and not know what I was doing, trying to act the part of an ignorant recruit. They had paused when I came around the shelves, and looked at me, then resumed talking. When I was making mistakes they stopped again, and one of the officers finally tried to correct me, saying, "Soldier, I know you are new..." or something like that, and then giving me advice. They got suspicious of me at some point though, and I had to escape.

I went back again later, gliding up the hill again. They responded faster, though, and I don't think I got back inside, instead going down the other side of the hill and then over things, in a kind of convoluted path, trying to elude them, and finally going back into the parking lot of the shopping center, which looked a little different. It had more cars, too, I think. It was full of them. Some of the details of the lot were different, too. It still had the long narrow trench with its low concrete walls and landscaping, though it didn't look exactly the same. It all looked pretty familiar for the most part though, and I was saying to myself, I remember this and this and this...

The soldiers were quite a ways behind me, back closer to the shopping center or whatever it was, but they were coming my way. I could hear them on their radios, like my mind was tuned into them. Sometimes they saw me and sometimes they didn't. I needed to get to my car, find where I parked it and get away. It was somewhere on the other side of the trench. The parking lot sloped uphill here, away from the shopping center. I needed to get over the trench, glide over it like before, or around it. I think I was getting past the trench but soldiers were starting to appear at different spots around the parking lot, maybe as close as 40 or 50 feet. I might not be able to go directly to my car. I didn't want them to know where it was, or get in the way when I tried to leave. I started to move in more of a curved zigzag, trying to draw them away and also escape from them.

Then, later, I was at home, in the kitchen and dining room area, wandering back and forth, talking to my mother, who was in the dining room standing near the kitchen table I think, working on papers. Looking out back, through the window in the door to the backyard, while standing in the kitchen, I saw an alien in the backyard. It went behind a bunch of things there, mainly a jumbled stack of pale boxes, not very wide, but with some other things around it and mixed in too. It was like a demon sheep, like the political ad featuring a human in a sheep costume. It was behind the things peering out, dark eyes looking at me, talking to me with a strange, high, Mickey Mouse-like voice, sometimes barely audible. It seemed to want to be friendly, and to some extent I tried to be, but it was also frightening, terrifying, especially when I looked at it, and its eyes.

I was in the kitchen talking to my mother about it, who was in the dining room I think. I kept coming back to the window in the door and looking out. Sometimes I could see it and sometimes I couldn't. It seemed to be playing hide and seek with me, peering out now and then, sometimes coming back to the things in the middle of the yard that it was hiding behind, like it repeatedly left and then came back. I wasn't sure if it was just one or if there were several of them out there.

Then the alien was in the kitchen, behind a pile of boxes made of thin cardboard, that hadn't been there before. I told my mother about it and she came in the kitchen and looked. The alien was singing a song, faintly, a popular song. I thought it liked me and was trying to be friendly, but at the same time it was shy and a little scared of me. I tried to look behind the boxes and see it, or them, but though I had initially seen it peering out briefly earlier, it seemed to move around behind them or inside the pile, like the pile was partially hollow, and I couldn't find it. The singing was trailing off and as I looked I came to feel that it or they were gone. I straightened up and told my mother I thought that they were gone.

Then we were warned by a man who was an alien in disguise, to stop calling aliens. He came to the carport door and then into the house. He was tall and skinny and angular and a little stooped I think, and very ominous and threatening, or at least he was trying to be. I wasn't sure how much he could really do, or what connection he had with the earlier aliens, though he seemed to have a connection of some kind, maybe only peripheral. I wasn't sure, too, how the earlier aliens felt about it, or about him, and how much influence he had over them. It might be that they themselves would be scared off by him, though I wasn't sure about that. I wasn't sure how safe it would be for us to continue with it, though, or how wise it would be to do so.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dream - My grandmother returns, much younger, and is well-liked by people, and some party-goers try to leave babies with us

On Sunday, June 6, 2010, around 5:00-7:00 PM, I dreamed I was at home, with my mother. It was probably sometime in the afternoon. An enormous number of people had gathered outside, on the sidewalk and in the driveway and along the walk that went from the driveway to the front door. Cars were also parked along the street. Somebody, apparently the neighbors to the left of us, to the west, were going to have a party. Some of the people were at our door. When it was opened, probably by my mother, some people wanted to leave two babies with us while they went to the party.

Looking out, I saw along the line of people on the walk to the door, against the railing that ran along the outer side of the walk (the house doesn't have such a railing in real life), a woman in somewhat old fashioned clothes, talking to the others. She was against the railing with the others, with her back to it I think, about halfway along the walk. She was smiling and talking and the people on each side of her were also smiling, and also sometimes talking. She seemed to be the center of attention. She was wearing a soft blouse that had a pink and white flowered pattern, with long puffy sleeves, and I think a light gray-green skirt. I knew immediately that she was my grandmother, although she was much younger than when I knew her and only looked a little like her, because when I had known her she had been much older.

When I went out, she immediately turned and left, walking west to the driveway, then down the driveway to the sidewalk, then turning right and going east, walking past the people there gathered in front of the cars, and seeming to disappear into them after about ten or twelve feet. I walked out onto the walk by the house. Some of the women there were saying what a nice person she was and wondering who she was. Smiling broadly I said, looking out, trying to find her, "She's my grandmother who ... died ... several years ago."

They started to thin out some after that, with a lot of discussion and murmuring. I walked partway down the driveway, most of the way to the sidewalk, looking out at where she had been, hoping to find her. There was just the crowd of people on the sidewalk, though. She seemed to be gone. Turning around, still smiling broadly, I headed back up the driveway. People were talking about it, about her being a ghost. My mother had come out, and was on the walk by the house. I said something about there being other supernatural things going on, and my mother, off to the side on the walk, perhaps eight or ten feet from me, was agreeing, and the people were talking about it with each other, and I said loudly something like, "Yes, and there's also the ghosts of the animals ..." A lot more people were leaving now, and the area was thinning out pretty quickly. I had been heading up the carport now, and considered whether to go in through the carport door, but turned and went back to the front door. There were still perhaps eight or ten people there, most of them around the door, most of them young women. I had hoped that the problem with the babies was taken care of, but they were still trying to leave one of them. I managed to get by the group, which spilled over through the doorway and partway inside the house, talking to them a little as I went.

I found that the baby had already been taken in the house. I was somewhat surprised, as I thought it was still out by the door. A young blond man had evidently been assigned the task, or had taken it upon himself. I saw him sitting cross-legged, holding the baby, up on the wall near the ceiling, on the wall that ran by the carport, near the corner with the front wall. I gently and somewhat maliciously said that sometimes things like this happened in the house, and asked him if he knew where he was. I crept up on the wall several feet away from him, on the other side of the old organ, while saying that most of the time, though, you did it yourself, you could just go up the wall, clinging to things, it didn't matter if your clothes were in the way or not, or if something else was in the way, you just reached out and touched them. I demonstrated, with both my bare fingers and my knee that was covered by my pants clinging when they touched the wall, or even to a heavy cloth that was in the way, something that was covering part of the organ. Meanwhile, he was looking uncertain, and somewhat upset, and managed to make his way down to the floor. I thought he might be scared enough to leave, but he put down the baby, on a chair I think, and went over to the hallway, still looking uncertain and upset, and finally turned and left, going out the front door, but leaving the baby. I went over to it and picked it up. My mother had come in and I think I said something to her about it. She went to the kitchen and we talked back and forth then, from our separate rooms. Two or three other people had also come in I think, but they went out of the living room, to the kitchen or other rooms.

The baby had a little plastic bottle that was mostly empty, that it had been holding to its mouth. I picked the baby up and tried to hold the bottle better for it, tipping it up more to its mouth. It fussed a little and started to cry some, but then quieted down. I walked around with it, sometimes talking to it and sometimes to my mother. I tried to set it down on the couch, but it started to cry again, and I bent down to it, and tried to distract it. I hoped they were coming back for it later, but I wasn't sure and was afraid it might be permanent.

I was gradually awakened, brought to awareness, by continued banging sounds, like someone distantly banging on a door with his fists. I think it was just part of the dream, though.

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Dream - The little town that was made for me, house painting, and the dinosaur figure in the back yard

On Wednesday, June 2, 2010, around 2:15-3:45 AM, I dreamed I had been driving back and forth in a small white car out in the country. Some other people had been doing it too, in another car, maybe two. Earlier it seems there had been something about a large circular swimming pool that I visited and walked around a bit, that was full of people. It was something that had appeared in some dreams years ago. Now I had been driving, and heading for the portion where the road went gradually uphill. The area was a crisscross of small roads, a lot of them dirt. The ground was pale and a little sandy. I got to a crossroads and stopped. The other car had come, from the right I think. It was late and I was tired. I think my mother was in the other car, along with someone else, maybe my brother. They, along with another couple of people I think, had been making a surprise for me. They had constructed a toy housing development with roads and even railways. The houses were made in great detail out of wood and painted. The roads and railways ran for miles, going up the slope, and also to the right. The houses were probably two or three feet across. I thanked them for it and they took me on a tour. They had a lot more to do with it, to finish it, but had worked fast.

Walking up the slope in the broad cleared area beside it, we went all the way to the top of the slope, miles, to where the little roads and rails met with another coming in from the right and at steep angle, and then continued in their respective directions for a few inches and stopped. They were going to extend them as they worked in the next few days, going over the hill and down the other side, maybe continuing until close to the next town, and put more of them in also. I worried some about cars coming by before it was finished and not understanding it, and maybe about police or town officials seeing it and interfering, but I don't think I said anything about it.

We went back down the slope to near where we started, then were going back up looking at things in more detail. I saw in the darkness in the dark dry trees and dark dense brush to the left of us, that we were walking nearby, huge spiders with thin curved legs, the legs maybe as big as an inch and a half long in some cases. I kept telling them about it. My brother didn't pay any attention and kept talking, but my mother sometimes turned and pooh-poohed it to me.

We continued up the slope and after a while we turned right and walked along another cleared area, with the houses laid out to the right on the higher ground here, overlooking a sharper section of slope that gradually leveled out as it approached the area where we had parked. The dense trees and brush were to the left of us, and ahead of us too as we reached the limits of the cleared area again. I saw the spiders again, in the darkness, in the brush and trees, slightly different looking here but even slightly larger. I nervously said something about them again, but again the others didn't care, though they may have turned toward me briefly as I talked about it. They mostly talked about the project, telling me about it, and discussing it with each other. It seems then that we went back down at least partly, and spent the night somehow, sleeping outside or in our cars maybe.

Then it was later, maybe the next day or maybe a few days later. A lot more of the complicated little wooden houses had been built and painted, not always in the same colors. I walked along on the lower ground looking at them up on the higher ground, my brother and mother I think pointing them out to me. It was impressive, but the occasional ones in different colors stood out and clashed, and I thought that a uniform color scheme would probably have been best, though I didn't say so. The houses themselves had two or more colors painted on them. That was alright, it was just where the houses didn't match other houses that it looked wrong, but mostly in where the long projections of the roofs stuck out.

Down below, in the gentle slope bordering the road that went uphill, leading to the road that crossed it where we had earlier parked, where a row of real houses were, mixed in with the little ones, we went to a house two or three houses along, which was somehow my grandmother's house in Arizona, though somewhat different looking here. A lot of people were working there, painting both the house and the little houses, which they were making in the yard and basically all over the place. Some of the people seemed to be from the radiator shop, and my sisters seemed to be there, looking much younger, maybe even in their teens, plus friends of theirs and maybe some other people. I think my grandmother was also there. They were getting paint all over everything, including the yard, which I think had cars parked in it, and very tall dry grass, looking almost like wheat in some areas. A low inexpensive picket fence, the posts joined by woven wires, separated the front yard from the one to the right. It was late afternoon now. People sometimes went in and out of the house, and some were painting it and even up on ladders and things up by or on the roof. All were working swiftly and industriously. They didn't seem to care how much paint they got on the grass or fence or whatever was in the way, and sometimes seemed to revel in it. A lot of paint was being wasted that way. My youngest sister was laughing and taking joy in it, and the painting itself. She was working with someone else, a man, one of her friends maybe. She went along from the front of the house and out into the yard. I followed at a distance, frowning some, floating low over the tall grass, which was mostly covered now in splatters and strings of paint, with some areas having a heavy, goopy deposit covering a foot and a half or more. Some was on the grass of the next yard, too.

I went along near the fence toward the pale dirt road that ran in front, then I went back toward the house. It was getting darker now. Going down the short section of the side yard, still floating, I managed, with some effort, to get high enough that I could go over the taller fence there, maybe six feet, that separated the back yard from the front. I think it was chain link with metal slats through it. I went along the edge of the roof and then higher, up into the air. It was almost dark now.

I saw in the back yard the old dinosaur figure I had made long ago. It a was fairly simple version of T.rex, standing and facing toward the house, maybe six feet high or taller, looking ferocious. I had later made a more natural looking version, about the same size, and devoted almost all my attention to it, instead of working more on this one. This was all in the dream, though in real life I did make one T.rex around four feet high.

A huge, very thin wall ran by the dinosaur, to the left, touching it, sometimes leaning against it. The wall was probably around the thickness of cardboard, and was black. It was very tall, maybe fifteen or more feet, and went across the yard at a slight angle, supported by wires or ropes that ran to something in the alley, perhaps a telephone pole, and to the house. The thin wall reached the house at about where the corner of the utility room stuck out from it. The wall moved a little in the slight breeze. I looked down at it from where I was in the air.

Near the house a large dog was chained, looking out at the dinosaur and the wall, sometimes angrily barking and growling at them, evidently when the wind caused the wall to shift some and when it sometimes made a slight noise when doing so. It may have also sometimes barked or growled at me, but though it sometimes looked up at me a little, it didn't seem to mind me much, and knew who I was. In real life I was probably hearing the two small dogs fighting with each other in the kitchen.

The dream seems to have had a lot happen earlier that I don't remember.

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