Friday, March 21, 2008

Dream - The long white hallway

I had a dream, probably sometime in the fall of 2006, that was relatively normal for the most part (normal for me, that is), but turned very strange toward the end.

Toward the end of the dream, I found that someone had come into my room and taken some things from me. I went searching for them, and came to a store and started looking through it. The store got much bigger as I searched, becoming similar to Wal-Mart. At some point, I came to approximately the middle of the store and a little toward the back. When I went to the left to look down another aisle, one of the aisles that led toward the back, abruptly things changed.

The aisle became hallway-like, and people rose up into the air, tilted until they were more or less horizontal, and floated. I rose up in the air also, but tilted only partly forward. The air itself seemed like a slightly thickened water, like a gelatin that has not yet set. I watched as the other people changed, becoming darker, with their limbs shrinking and becoming just lumpy extensions, their bodies lengthening and even having something of a short, thick tail. In some cases their heads, or the large lumpy things that passed for heads, turned down toward their chests.

The floor was white, as before, but the aisle/hallway had white walls now, instead of just shelves of merchandise. It also now had no ceiling, and gradually, over a long span of time, the people were drifting upward and outward into a blank whiteness. I kept trying to hurry forward, trying to run, but it seemed difficult to do so, and I seemed to mostly hang there in the air. The aisle-turned-hallway lengthened into an indefinite distance, ending in a vague whiteness. I seemed to hang in a timeless space, trying to move forward.

Some time later, it's hard to say how long, but it felt like a great deal of time had passed, I became aware that I was noticeably closer to the end. I could see far away at the end three figures looking like ink drawings. I interpreted the figures to be gods. The central one was turned toward me, but his head was turned to the side and he was looking partly upward. The other two were partly turned out to either side, and were also with heads tilted partly upward. The three had their arms partly raised in different degrees, with their hands in some cases reaching shoulder or chest height. They were massive figures, like something drawn by a Renaissance artist. Their heads and shoulders rose above the walls and they were visible only from the waist up, fading below into the indefinite whiteness of the end of the hallway.

More timeless time passed, and I was closer. The figures were larger, but still looked like ink drawings, and were unchanged in appearance.

Again more time passed, and I was now much closer to the end of the hallway. At some point, all the other people had drifted away into the whiteness, and I was alone. The massive figures, still looking like ink drawings, were unchanged except for the large increase in size brought about by the closeness of them. They began to slowly rise and separate from each other, the drawings still fading away at the waist. As they slowly drifted upward and outward, below them, not far away now, the indefinite whiteness of the end of the tunnel was revealed, unobstructed. It looked large now, in front of me.

I stared at it, my eyes open wide. I was still filled with a sense of timeless peace, but also with a sense of that fading and something else beginning, of something else on the other side, a place where things happened, a place less timeless.

The indefinite whiteness of the end of the hallway was not far away now. I slowly drifted, with a quiet anticipation, toward it.

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More posts about posts

Last summer I posted a collection of posts I made to a message board I visit frequently. This is another collection of those posts.

On that message board, new threads crowd out old ones, old in this case meaning oldest last update. Threads can persist for a long time, however, if they are posted to frequently enough so that they stay comfortably away from the bottom of the list.

I help to keep some of the threads going, by posting to them when it seems that a new post might be needed. On threads about writing or poems, I have sometimes posted poems. Most of these poems refer to posts or posting in some manner, and most of them are short, sometimes very short, though a few are fairly long.

This is another collection of some of the poems. They did not originally have titles, but I have given them titles here. The times shown are in Arizona time (MST), not the time on the message board, which uses Eastern time.

5:04 PM 6/10/2006

Around the world,
Across the way,
The sun has made,
Another day.

Within this time,
Within this place,
Within this now,
That we have made.

I leave this post,
For all to see,
Containing these...
My words for thee.

12:54 PM 6/28/2006

Too late the post,
And like most,
This thread will disappear.

So do your part,
Straight from the heart,
And place your post right here.

2:04 AM 10/6/2006

I posted a post
Worse than most
Better than some
Much better than none

The post revives
And brings new highs
And for a while
Might bring a smile

If this post won't do
Perhaps one from you
Would be the one
To get it done

And in this way
The thread might stay
And not be a ghost
For want of a post

6:55 PM 12/7/2006

I put this post
Upon this place
So that this thread
Stays in the race

So that it lives
Another day
And so more posts
Might find their way

Perhaps a post
From you will come
Posts are needed
As a race is run

Some threads win
And some must go
Let this thread stay
Let the words flow

As time moves on
Let this thread rise
And be a delight
To everyone's eyes

Let posters post
And viewers watch
And be inspired
And ideas hatch

So that this thread
Should never die
And in old age
Be forever spry

I put this post
Upon this place
Let your post come
Come join the race

12:19 PM 2/26/2007

Time for more
That's for sure
For thoughts in rhyme
Now's the time

Put them here
Have no fear
Do not stall
We welcome all

11:49 PM 3/22/2007

Heavy or light
Time to write

1:40 AM 8/3/2007

Put down a word
Put down a line
Make a story
Or make a rhyme

Something you know
Or something you feel
Or somewhere you've been
Whether dream or real

Write it here
Don't wait too long
Without new posts
This thread is gone

Write a word
A line, a song
Do your part
Keep this thread young

12:38 PM 8/14/2007

Just stopping by
To bring this thread high
To say hello
And make it grow

And as everyone knows
Up it goes
From down below
To the top of the row

I bumped this thread
To keep it fed
And make it high
While stopping by

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