Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dream - First contact

One time, in the late 1960s or early 1970s, I went to bed a little early and fell asleep. I had a dream in which I was on a spaceship (one of ours), apparently as a visitor, just observing. It was a very large ship, and people occasionally went by, apparently on various errands or carrying out their duties. Everyone wore light-colored clothes.

A few people, perhaps just two or three, were near a machine built into one of the walls. The machine protruded from the wall, almost desk-like except the top sloped upward toward the wall and the sides sloped out toward the wall. At the wall, the top narrowed and joined a flat section that ran up the wall. The machine had lots of small grills and rectangular lights on its surface, though everything was relatively wide-spaced; that is, lots of blank metal existed on the machine's surface, between the sections of grills and lights.

The people were waiting for a signal from space aliens. I got the impression that some kind of signal had actually been received already, and they had already sent back a response. Now they were waiting for a second signal, a response back from the aliens. The dream had a peaceful, expectant feel to it.

All of a sudden, the machine started making a series of loud buzzes, like BUZZ-BUZZ, BUZZ. I think some of the lights started going on and off, too. I was suddenly filled with an incredible amount of terror. I forced myself to wake up, and while I was waking up I realized that I was waking up and I forced myself to sit up, so that there would be no chance that I could accidentally fall back to sleep.

By the time I was fully awake, I was sitting up in bed. People who had not gone to bed yet were still moving about in the house; I could hear them and see some of their shadows on the hallway wall. It was still early in the night. Evidently, I had started dreaming immediately upon falling asleep.

The dream is puzzling. Everything was peaceful as we waited for a signal from the space aliens. When the expected signal came, in the form of the loud buzzes and possibly the lights going on and off, I was suddenly terrified. I wonder if some reason outside the dream, something that I don't remember, exists for the terror.

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Is someone calling my name?

An odd thing happened to me when I was very young. On its face it doesn't seem to involve UFOs, but some similar things have been reported by people who claim to have been abducted by extraterrestrial aliens.

I was about 5 or 6 years old, living in a small town in Missouri. I was in the back yard, and I seemed to hear someone call my name, far, far away. I listened, looking in the direction it had seemed to come from, looking more at the sky than the town. I couldn't be sure I was really hearing anything, it seemed so far away. Still, I worried about it and finally decided to go looking to see if anyone had called me. I thought it might possibly have been one of the kids from school.

The house next to us in that direction had a tall, chain link fence. Somehow I got through it, through a gate between our yards and then through a gate at the back, and then along a drainage ditch and through other backyards. Finally, I reached a cross-street, which had new black asphalt paving, and I stood on a new sidewalk. The street had some traffic. It wasn't heavy, but I wasn't supposed to cross the street, and in any case, I didn't really want to try it, even if large gaps sometimes appeared between cars. So, my journey would end here, at the sidewalk. I looked around.

Down the sidewalk, some distance to my right, I saw a kid about my age. I went up to him and asked him if he had called me. Though I pressed him on the issue, he denied it and appeared very nervous that he was being confronted in this way. I finally gave it up and went back home, apparently retracing my steps.

I remember the beginning clearly, where I thought I heard my name being called, and I remember the street that I came to and the kid that I found, but the journey there and back seems almost dreamlike. Normally, I would never have gone on such a journey. And my mother doesn't remember a gate in the part of the fence that went between the yards.

I'm not saying that I was abducted by aliens (or anyone else) at that time, but the whole thing seems very strange and out of character.

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UFO - A silver grain of rice against the sky

When my first remembered UFO sighting occurred, I was in school in the 7th or 8th grade in a city near Phoenix, Arizona. It was probably around 1966 or 1967.

For some reason, the class was on the playground behind the school, perhaps to draw the mountains in the distance for Art class. The sky was a brilliant blue, with only a few small clouds at the edges. I decided to look at the sky and see if I could find any UFOs. The sky was so bright, it was hard to look at. I kept squinting and turning away from it. I finally found something, like a silver grain of rice, far, far away. I looked at it for a while. It didn't seem to be moving, and it had no trail. It was just surrounded by the brilliant blue sky, with no reference points, so it was hard to tell if it was completely stationary. I finally decided to show it to another kid. After much pointing on my part, he finally saw it, too. It was very difficult to see, almost lost in the blue sky. He didn't know what it was, either. I finally went back to what I had been doing.

Much, much later, in the 1990s, I saw some strange things in the skies in Nevada. There are so many military bases there, though, that these were almost certainly military craft of some kind.

One time while driving at night I saw, flying over a small town that had a military base, the dark shape of a plane. All of a sudden, twin trails of glowing green smoke came from the wings. The smoke just came out for a second or two and then stopped. Chemtrails, perhaps?

Another time, while driving through the Nevada desert at night, I saw a triangular formation of lights flying around. It was too dark to see any details; all I saw was lots of lights in a triangular formation. I guess it could have been a group of planes flying very close together, in a very tight formation.

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