Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dream - The watchers in the walls

In 2007, sometime in the first few months of the year, I had a strange dream.

At some point in the dream, a small figure, perhaps one and a half feet tall, was by me. I was on the second or third floor of a big building, standing by a bench and some equipment of some kind. The small figure is vague, and I don't remember clearly seeing its face, but its body was white and very ragdoll-like. I picked it up and it complained in a sad, strange, high monotone voice, wanting to be put back down. I walked over to the window and held it out the window, holding it with one hand around its waist, or where a waist would normally be. After holding it out the window for a while, I finally set it on the small, sloping metal hood of some tall equipment that was outside by the window. I didn't let go, because it would slide off and fall if I did. The yard outside seemed to be an empty lot with various pieces of equipment stored in it. The creature continued to complain the whole time, only this time it was begging me not to let it go.

I finally brought it back inside and set it down, after which it stopped complaining and seemed to lose interest in me. I then went to another part of that floor, which was more house-like.

A few other people were there, shorter and much younger than I am (I am tall, though). They may have been in their early twenties, and they all seemed to be around the same age. I didn't recognize them, though I seemed to have some kind of connection to them in some way.

They let me stay in a bedroom in a space between two beds. I was wearing an old, gray, heavy coat. The floor between the beds was raised up some, almost like a shallow transmission tunnel in a car. The floor was also covered with thin carpeting, worn through in places.

I lay down between the beds, on the raised, irregular floor, and tried to sleep. I couldn't sleep, though, and saw in my mind beings embedded in the walls all around me. They were pale, and perhaps four or five feet tall. They were raised off the floor, but I sensed that they were actually standing on a surface in a different dimension, a surface that I couldn't see. They were back a little ways behind the surface of the walls, and stood silently in a row going around at least three of the walls. Except for their dark eyes, silently watching me, their faces were relatively blank and almost mask-like.

I got back up and went back toward the other part of the room. I found the tiny figure from the earlier part of the dream standing there, apparently waiting for me. I was tired of this and I thought that since this was a dream, I could get it to tell me what it was.

I reached down to pick it up, apparently mentally communicating my demand, and abruptly the creature changed. It expanded out of my grasp, leaning back and floating on the air as it did so. It became perhaps five feet tall, with very wide shoulders and chest. Its clothes were tight-fitting, and seemed secured at the wrists and ankles. Its arms and legs swelled out between the joints, almost like they were inflated. The whole thing was fairly balloon-like, like a figure wearing inflated clothes, though I felt that it was the figure's body stretching against the clothes, and not air. Oddly, the hands and feet were relatively normal size, even being a little small.

The body, enlarged it was, was now slightly transparent, and was tilted back so much that it was nearly horizontal. Its head was tilted forward, looking at me with big, demonic eyes and a mouth open in a wide demonic grin, as it slowly drifted backward and faded out.

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