Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dream - My grandmother returns, much younger, and is well-liked by people, and some party-goers try to leave babies with us

On Sunday, June 6, 2010, around 5:00-7:00 PM, I dreamed I was at home, with my mother. It was probably sometime in the afternoon. An enormous number of people had gathered outside, on the sidewalk and in the driveway and along the walk that went from the driveway to the front door. Cars were also parked along the street. Somebody, apparently the neighbors to the left of us, to the west, were going to have a party. Some of the people were at our door. When it was opened, probably by my mother, some people wanted to leave two babies with us while they went to the party.

Looking out, I saw along the line of people on the walk to the door, against the railing that ran along the outer side of the walk (the house doesn't have such a railing in real life), a woman in somewhat old fashioned clothes, talking to the others. She was against the railing with the others, with her back to it I think, about halfway along the walk. She was smiling and talking and the people on each side of her were also smiling, and also sometimes talking. She seemed to be the center of attention. She was wearing a soft blouse that had a pink and white flowered pattern, with long puffy sleeves, and I think a light gray-green skirt. I knew immediately that she was my grandmother, although she was much younger than when I knew her and only looked a little like her, because when I had known her she had been much older.

When I went out, she immediately turned and left, walking west to the driveway, then down the driveway to the sidewalk, then turning right and going east, walking past the people there gathered in front of the cars, and seeming to disappear into them after about ten or twelve feet. I walked out onto the walk by the house. Some of the women there were saying what a nice person she was and wondering who she was. Smiling broadly I said, looking out, trying to find her, "She's my grandmother who ... died ... several years ago."

They started to thin out some after that, with a lot of discussion and murmuring. I walked partway down the driveway, most of the way to the sidewalk, looking out at where she had been, hoping to find her. There was just the crowd of people on the sidewalk, though. She seemed to be gone. Turning around, still smiling broadly, I headed back up the driveway. People were talking about it, about her being a ghost. My mother had come out, and was on the walk by the house. I said something about there being other supernatural things going on, and my mother, off to the side on the walk, perhaps eight or ten feet from me, was agreeing, and the people were talking about it with each other, and I said loudly something like, "Yes, and there's also the ghosts of the animals ..." A lot more people were leaving now, and the area was thinning out pretty quickly. I had been heading up the carport now, and considered whether to go in through the carport door, but turned and went back to the front door. There were still perhaps eight or ten people there, most of them around the door, most of them young women. I had hoped that the problem with the babies was taken care of, but they were still trying to leave one of them. I managed to get by the group, which spilled over through the doorway and partway inside the house, talking to them a little as I went.

I found that the baby had already been taken in the house. I was somewhat surprised, as I thought it was still out by the door. A young blond man had evidently been assigned the task, or had taken it upon himself. I saw him sitting cross-legged, holding the baby, up on the wall near the ceiling, on the wall that ran by the carport, near the corner with the front wall. I gently and somewhat maliciously said that sometimes things like this happened in the house, and asked him if he knew where he was. I crept up on the wall several feet away from him, on the other side of the old organ, while saying that most of the time, though, you did it yourself, you could just go up the wall, clinging to things, it didn't matter if your clothes were in the way or not, or if something else was in the way, you just reached out and touched them. I demonstrated, with both my bare fingers and my knee that was covered by my pants clinging when they touched the wall, or even to a heavy cloth that was in the way, something that was covering part of the organ. Meanwhile, he was looking uncertain, and somewhat upset, and managed to make his way down to the floor. I thought he might be scared enough to leave, but he put down the baby, on a chair I think, and went over to the hallway, still looking uncertain and upset, and finally turned and left, going out the front door, but leaving the baby. I went over to it and picked it up. My mother had come in and I think I said something to her about it. She went to the kitchen and we talked back and forth then, from our separate rooms. Two or three other people had also come in I think, but they went out of the living room, to the kitchen or other rooms.

The baby had a little plastic bottle that was mostly empty, that it had been holding to its mouth. I picked the baby up and tried to hold the bottle better for it, tipping it up more to its mouth. It fussed a little and started to cry some, but then quieted down. I walked around with it, sometimes talking to it and sometimes to my mother. I tried to set it down on the couch, but it started to cry again, and I bent down to it, and tried to distract it. I hoped they were coming back for it later, but I wasn't sure and was afraid it might be permanent.

I was gradually awakened, brought to awareness, by continued banging sounds, like someone distantly banging on a door with his fists. I think it was just part of the dream, though.

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