Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dream - The narrow valleys and the steep mountain ridges, and the dark funnel cloud that passed over my home

On Saturday, June 12, 2010, around 6:30-9:30 PM, I dreamed I was at home with my mother, who looked younger, maybe in her forties or fifties, but sometimes I went to the south, across a series of brown dirt mountain ridges, steep but not very tall. Sometimes there were more mountain ridges than at other times. I was going to a place associated with work, the work in Nevada, something to do with secret stuff I think and testing things, and maybe to some extent with bombing from planes. It all took place in a valley between the ridges, at least most of it. The valley was just a narrow crevice between the ridges, as the other valleys between the ridges were.

Then, at home, I was in my bedroom with my mother, talking to her. It was in the afternoon I think, Saturday or Sunday. Going to the window and pulling the curtains aside a bit, I saw outside a tall, black, funnel-shaped cloud not far away, to the north, and heading this way. It was coming fast. I told my mother about it and went back and looked out the window again at it. It was here already, things were falling down on the house in front of the window. I heard the impacts, mostly ash and cinders and things like clumps of gray-white burned charcoal almost the size of my fist.

My mother was trying to contact somebody about it, using a little device like an iPod in appearance. I tried to use a similar thing. I think the radio in the room had been on too. She got somebody but then lost the connection, and was saying something like, "Ohhhhh, they're gone, I've lost the connection," in an irritated manner. I had managed to get somebody on my device, and I wondered if I had interfered with her device, that they used the same phone connection and it wasn't able to keep them both going at once. The radio in the room was on a separate connection, the original phone connection, but the little device used a second one that was somehow set up.

Then my connection was gone and hers was back. The people she was talking to said they didn't have any records of what she was reporting, and so far no one else was reporting it, and gave other possible explanations, ones that didn't really make any sense, and sounded really patronizing. I suggested that maybe she should contact a TV station, that maybe they would have heard some reports. Considering the situation, since the people had said there were no reports, it seemed likely that the source of it might be very close, in the neighborhood, maybe no more than a few streets over, or even the next street over.

I tried to go out and find out more about it, and I went back over the mountain ridges to where I had been, in the very narrow valley, and it was starting to go over the ridge to it, but paused at the top of the ridge for a while, sometimes going partly down the side of the mountain and then retreating and going back up. A plane flew low over it and slightly between the ridges, above me, checking on it apparently, and it seemed the dark funnel cloud might be part of some test that was being done, somewhere over in the next narrow valley to the north, a valley that I had passed over to get here. It seemed confusing, though. I didn't know how the dark cloud could have passed over my house that way, if it had originated out here, well to the south of it, and it was going south as it passed over the house.

There was also something brief then about scientists in white working in laboratories, just a few of them, and hearing them talk about it a little, apparently working on it, and I was looking in from way above them, apparently viewing them, directed to them by someone else, but not actually physically being there.

Note: The dream was probably influenced by seeing on the CBS News at 6:00 PM, which I saw part of, the burning of part of the oil spill in the Caribbean Sea, which produced a tall slanted funnel-shaped cloud, very black.

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