Saturday, January 31, 2009

100th post

This is the 100th post on this blog. It took a bit longer than I thought it might, though perhaps not as long as I feared it might be. The total mix of subjects is also not quite as I had at first envisioned. I had originally intended to include some thoughts on some areas of science, the paranormal, unknown animals, time travel, books, current events, and even politics. Perhaps I'll get to some of that in the next hundred posts. Time will tell.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Dream - Contacted by space aliens, a father prepares to leave

On the night of November 12-13, 2008, I had a dream about a father, previously contacted in some way by space aliens, who told him they would come back and take him with them, and also perhaps one of his children. He was sorrowfully preparing to leave his family, perhaps forever, as he awaited the aliens' return.

In the dream I was part of a large family. There was a prediction made by somebody, it's uncertain who, but the husband had some kind of interaction with a space alien or intelligence. It's kind of vague. He might have seen some one or more aliens physically, or there might have been just a spaceship and a light. I know there was a very deep voice speaking and a light, and I think there was also a ship, perhaps not quite landed, and some presences in or associated with the ship, perhaps fifteen or twenty feet away bathed in intense light, but also seeming closer, because of their impact on his mind, their burning presence. They were roughly like traditional gray aliens with big black eyes, but seemed slightly taller and more substantial, and their eyes were narrowed at the top, giving their faces an angry intensity. He knew what was going to happen in the future regarding him, that they were going to come back and take him and I think one of his children.

I was also aware, very strongly, that it would unfold like a movie script, that it literally was on some level a movie script, that direction was being given. Sometimes I could hear a faint but close deep voice somewhere above and behind me, saying something about what would happen or what was happening now.

The family consisted of a husband and wife and maybe six or so kids, perhaps even a little more, with the oldest in the early teens and the youngest probably around three. They left home and went on a trip somewhere, that the husband was or had been directed to by the aliens or their prediction. He had a specific destination or interim destination in mind, but they didn't go very far without stopping. I was under the impression that it was a temporary stopping place and they were going to move on, perhaps the next day. It was evidently a hotel or motel or inn, something they were paying for, but seemed very homelike. It also felt like it was associated somehow with a friend, that he was staying because of the friend, that it was perhaps owned by the friend.

The father looked something like Robin Williams in his thirties, though he also looked a little like me. I was one of the older kids, perhaps around ten or twelve, maybe slightly older, though toward the end I became more strongly associated with the husband, though still not quite him. The family seemed to be a happy one, though the husband was tormented by his visitation and what was going to happen.

Most of the family was in the living room. The kids were doing various things, playing, a TV might also have been on. I was behind the mother, who was on her knees playing with one of the youngest children. She was also talking, sometimes to the one she was playing with but also to the husband and maybe also to some of the other kids. She looked something like a younger version of my mother. I was behind her, maybe on my knees, leaning forward and hugging her, and maybe sometimes talking also. I dimly heard a deep voice above and behind me, perhaps around ceiling height. It talked for a while and then stopped. The father may have been aware of it more than I was and may have heard it more often. There was later strong indication that this was the case.

I went into the kitchen area, where a couple of the kids had gone. A medium-age kid was playing with a younger one who had been put on or had gotten on the counter. They were talking about a game or something else, some other activity, something they were playing, kid-type stuff. It seemed another little kid came in and then left, and the others started to leave, too. I may have lifted the littlest one off the counter, or someone else may have done it.

Then I went into one of the bedrooms. One of the kids, not one of the kids from the kitchen, but one who was part of the game being played, which may not actually have been what was being talked about in the kitchen, had hidden under the bed. After being found, the kid left. I think I may have helped the kid out from under the bed. I knew there was also another one, a little girl, and felt she was in the closet. As I turned toward the closet, which had a folding double door, the door on the right began to tremble, then shake, as she increasingly tried to get someone's attention, to show that she was still there and hadn't been found. I was talking to her then and she was talking to me. I was becoming increasing overcome by sadness, and I opened the door and took her into my arms. I held her and hugged her. She kept talking about the game and things. I was saying how much I would miss her and the others. It seemed I was now the father or strongly associating with him.

We went back to the living room. The father had evidently received another message from the aliens, from the voice. It seemed to be something only he could hear. I'm not sure if the others could hear what was said earlier in the dream, perhaps even I was not supposed to be aware of it. The father was standing near the middle of the room now, among the children. He had been giving them little hugs. The mother was a few feet away. The father was crying a little and was trying not to, his face contorted a bit. He was standing a little stooped. He said that he would have to leave shortly, and talked about how much he would miss them. I knew he would take one of the children with him, but I didn't know which one it was. Perhaps it was the little girl who had been in the closet. I felt that this might be the case.

There was a door toward the left, at the edge of the living room that led to a carport or garage. The door was at a corner that projected inward into the house, a corner that was a little more severe than 90 degrees. The door was directly at the corner, at the left, and may have been part of a double door system with the other door on the right side of the corner, with the doors having their hinges on the sides away from the corner.

The door on the left started to open slightly, and we all turned toward it, looking at it. The door opened a little more and air was softly coming through it. The air seemed both slightly warmer and slightly cooler than the air in the room, and much fresher and also a little dusty, and maybe also a little damp. The door opened more, much wider, like it was being opened by the wind. Was this them, was this it? The room beyond was dim, and had a concrete floor with a lot of stuff piled in the middle, some in boxes and some not, going up maybe five or six feet high, but broad areas around it were clear. A broad walkway or sidewalk was beyond it, lit by some light from an unseen source, perhaps a yard or street light. Two or three kids ran by from right to left, evidently playing, and after a pause, two or three more. Was it just the wind and just the kids, were the aliens still out there, about to appear any moment? We continued to watch.

My mother came to the bedroom door and woke me up then, wanting to say something to me or ask me something. She was wearing glasses, something she doesn't normally do when walking around. I raised my head and looked at her and replied. A tear rolled down the side of my face as I talked, perhaps something from the emotion of the dream, and I wiped it away.

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Line 'Em Up

This is another humorous poem. The numbers in the poem refer to the lines in it, with each number corresponding to the number of the line in the poem. The last two lines are not numbered, though the last one is otherwise referenced.

This poem is dated 12:41 PM, August 28, 2007, Arizona time (MST).


This is the first line
And here is the second
The third comes next
As the fourth one's beckoned

The fifth went down
And then the sixth
Then the seventh was next
And the eighth forthwith

The ninth went in
Before the tenth did come
The next line's the end
And I'm really bummed


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