Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dream - My mother and the cat that came back

The first week after my mother died, I didn't have many dreams. Of those that I had, not many were about her, and those seemed more like visions, particularly since I wasn't always asleep. In the second week I started to have more dreams, and more dreams with her in them, then after that I began to have a lot of dreams about her.

I had a long dream early in the morning on Friday, November 26, 2010, the day after Thanksgiving, over two weeks after her death. In a small part of that much larger dream, my mother and I walked around the house to the back, talking. The house was partly like it was in real life, and partly different.

At the back of the house, a few feet around the southwest corner, were a few concrete steps going up the side of the house with a small railing beside them, with a door at the top a couple of feet up. The steps and the door don't exist in real life.

As she went up the steps, a sleek, clean, black and white cat, evidently the one that had just died, but looking so healthy it was hard to identify, came up to her from the yard somewhere. She took it into her arms, talking to it, and went inside holding it, through the door that doesn't exist.

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