Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dream - The large hooting animals on the small island, and the juvenile versions of them in the big building

On Monday, August 17, 2009, around 3:30-6:30 AM, I dreamed I was out in the north Atlantic Ocean, coming back, possibly around Nova Scotia or New England. There was a very small island, maybe only 20 or 30 feet across and 10 or 12 feet deep, black and rocky looking, humped up a bit, in an irregular way. Waves were splashing against it and sending spray high into the air, and water was washing over it.

Some strange sea mammals were there, packed close together on the small island. They were extremely large, and pale colored, a very pale pinkish orange. When standing on four legs, with their heads raised, they were probably around eight to ten feet long, and the legs might have been six or so feet long. Their bodies were large, long leathery cylinders hanging in an oval shape; their legs were also leathery cylinders, and very long, expanded and drooping slightly around the ankles, with some wrinkles at the knees. I think their necks were probably skinny cylinders, though I don't remember for sure anymore, and I think their heads were basically cylindrical too, though I'm also not sure about that. The island was crowded with them. Their bodies moved around, twisting to the side and back, and leaning forward some and then back, frequently standing on their back legs but sometimes dropping forward to briefly stand on all fours.

I was on what seemed to be a fairly big boat, apparently a research vessel. The person who had been my lab partner in school, and who later worked with me in Nevada, was with me. I asked him what they were. He acted like he was familiar with them, and said they were elephant seals, I think. In real life, elephant seals look nothing like that, but in the dream it didn't register. I was a little doubtful, though. A plane or helicopter was on the other side of them, coming in low and close, trying to film them, and they were making an odd sound and rearing up, trying to get it. I don't remember the actual sound anymore, it was a kind of loud hooting sound I think, like something birds might make.

I stopped there for a little while, and got out and was writing what they were on the side of one of them. Whatever I was using was maybe a foot long and tapered to a point on one end, and had some weight to it, like it had some metal in it. It not only wrote it in pale brown, it impressed it into the skin, making indentations that formed a groove. The groove would stay there in some form for years, maybe for the rest of the animal's life, long after the color faded or wore off.

It seemed very important to me that the name be there, that what they were should not be forgotten. The animals were just now starting to come into the public consciousness, though the government had known about them for a while. I could foresee an extended period of time when the public would be interested in them, perhaps for decades, but that this would eventually fade, until they were largely forgotten. The animals were long-lived, though, perhaps as much as 80 or 90 years or more, and if some people should come here a long time from now, and find the animals here, a mystery to them, they could still know what the animals were by seeing by what I had written, and the name of the animals would not be lost.

After writing the name, I also wrote something in smaller letters under it, something more specific, at least two words, perhaps the scientific name. I also did at least part of it again on the hip and upper leg, writing in a downward direction with smaller letters. The animal seemed to tolerate what I was doing, but was milling around a bit. The island was packed, so it was difficult to move too far. It was starting to get a little concerned, though, and had a kind of "why is this happening" expression, so I left and went back to the boat.

I don't remember why we were there. I think we may have gone out on some kind of military thing, that something had happened up north, some kind of situation, and had to be checked out. Then, on the way back, we went by the small island and the animals. It seems that the ship was scheduled to go by there, when it could, as part of a regular check on them, but I was on the ship because of what had happened up north.

After we got back to land, I went into a large multistory building. My lab partner probably went with me, though I'm not sure now. Some other people were there. It's possible some members of my family, such as my father or brother and maybe even my mother, might also have been there or came there or I was going to see them later or go with them later. I'm pretty sure some members of my family were there either when I came or came with me or came after I did.

There was a very big room in the front, very wide, like a lobby, it basically ran across the whole front of the building. In the center at the back was a small counter, with one or two people behind it. A little to the right of center at the back was a rectangular indentation, perhaps six feet high or a little less and maybe eight feet wide and perhaps 15-18 inches deep, covered with ceramic tile. It also had a ridge at the front at the bottom a few inches high. Inside it were several of the creatures I had seen on the island, but much smaller. I was told these were juveniles. They were standing up on their hind legs and facing outward, making higher pitched hooting sounds, faster and more insistent than the adult animals.

Several feet to the right of them was a door that led to the inside, and a ways to the right of that, at the edge of the room, was a heavy red curtain in an angled wall, that also led to the back, by a different route. I think it also led to some stairs, but I think the door did also, to different stairs, as well as to what lay behind the lobby. There may have been some kind of theater back there, as well as other things. Some food was available to the left in the lobby, as well as little places selling things, not actual full rooms, just counters and wire racks, though some may have been small rooms that lacked a front wall. The place seemed to be a government place though, one that was at least partly secret, that had offices and things, back in there and on the upper stories.

I went through the door to the right of the creatures for a little while, though I didn't go very far. I came back out and the people I was with or going to be with were urging me to leave, we had to leave now. I started to go toward the doors and maybe got halfway there, but the insistent high hooting from the creatures kept worrying me. I went back and looked at them, wondering if they should be released, if it was time to release them. It wasn't up to me, though, and I wasn't sure what I could do about it. I finally reluctantly turned and left them, and went toward the glass doors that were the exit.

I wrote the dream down the night after it happened, and forgot some details in the intervening time, though even right after I woke up I didn't really remember much more in terms of activity. I know the dream was much longer, particularly in the beginning, and there may possibly have been something about Nevada, maybe staying at some place there, but I'm not sure.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dream - Riding in old experimental cars in Russia, drawn there through watching movie footage

On Monday, August 24, 2009, around 2:00-6:30 AM, I dreamed I was driving on large hills. It was cold and slushy, sometimes with damp, partially frozen slush covering part or most of the road, sometimes with tall ridges in the middle. Sometimes it was night and sometimes it seemed to be almost night or perhaps just before dawn. We had more than one car, two and maybe three. The person who was the Engineering Manager where I used to work was in one of them. He was having trouble with the build-up on the road, really worried about it, scared of it, particularly the ridges, some of which seemed about a foot high. I sometimes went over them, though I tried to maneuver the car so that a wheel was over them instead of the middle. This wasn't always possible though, the road sometimes curved some, plus I moved the car gradually back and forth looking for better parts of the road, plus sometimes a car would come from the other direction, and I couldn't always keep the ridge under my wheels. I couldn't move too quickly, too, because the car might lose traction. Although I thought the front of the car would scrape on the ridge, perhaps breaking or scraping off the top of the ridge if it wasn't too hard, the car went over the top of the ridge without any noticeable problem. I didn't even hear or feel scraping, except for perhaps for just a tiny bit initially, though the ridge should have been far too high to drive over without hitting it. Later, sometimes the Engineering Manager seemed to be in the car with me, in the passenger seat, cringing, and sometimes he wasn't, being instead in a car ahead or behind, sometimes far enough distant that it wasn't visible.

The slush and snow went on for a long time, with the road going through it, and sometimes up and down hills. The scenery initially, besides the large hills and the snow and slush, seemed to be dirt with low vegetation and some trees, not big ones. Later it was much the same. We eventually got to where it was apparently slightly warmer, and there was little or no slush. We were out far away from the cities, out in the wilderness somewhere, though even earlier we were on the edge of things.

Getting out to where there were small towns or settlements, we stopped somewhere to get something to eat. It was part restaurant, part convenience store. I think my father might have been there too, at that time. Perhaps he was with us later too, in a different car.

As we continued on, the hills got more gentle, more like slopes, and it was a little warmer and the land mostly dried out, becoming more dirt. We reached some place far out away from places. I think the roads were even dirt by then. Someone else showed up too, about the time we got there. It seemed we got involved with something, and I think I may have gotten somehow to Nevada, perhaps to someplace north of Fallon, though earlier it seemed to be in Arizona. I got involved in doing something there, though I'm not sure what now. This may have actually been the area with the restaurant/settlements, instead of someplace farther out, I'm not sure now.

I was made aware, though, of people filming a documentary in Russia, and Siberia, of cars being sent out with television cameras, filming as they drove, going through the countryside, day after day. The land was mostly empty, sometimes with vast areas of low, mostly green vegetation, usually on the long slopes. Sometimes the cars drove over large hills and even mountains, though.

I was drawn to watching the footage, taken from the cars as they drove. It tended to be night at first, though sometimes it seemed early morning, and it tended to be mostly overcast. Sometimes we saw or went through small towns or settlements, generally just a few buildings, with small widely scattered homes out in the countryside. I'm not sure I ever noticed the driver, maybe a glimpse of hands on the wheel. The camera was pointed to the front, sometimes looking toward the sides some.

I seemed to be there, watching the drive through Russia, from a camera in the car. It felt like I was a passenger, able to look out to the side as well as seeing the road ahead. I was in different cars at different times. We were away from the cities, in the countryside, which was almost entirely unpopulated. Sometimes I would see other cars. We went over mountains and up and down long slopes. It was cool in the car, tending toward cold. I could feel it. Outside the roads were wet, sometimes with a little snow or slush, especially higher up. It felt very peaceful, in the car, being driven, watching the scenery. It went on for a very long time. Sometimes my attention would go back to what I was doing, back where I really was, and I would do things there. Then after a while my attention would go back to the cars in Russia, perhaps being reminded of them by someone where I was, and I would be drawn back to them, and would be in one of them, again being driven along. I spent extremely long times there. It wasn't like watching scenes on television of it, this was the raw footage being shot, before it was condensed for the documentary. I was there in real time, while it was being shot, and the long drives went on forever, for hour after hour. I was aware of this while it was happening, that I was seeing the long version, and that what would be later shown would be specially selected clips from it.

Sometimes, especially toward the end, I would see secret weapons or machines, out in the open, just one at a time usually, with a few people associated with them. The machines tended to get more futuristic as time went on, but still with a primitive look. Most were apparently left over from the old days, but some were still being worked on in a small manner. They seemed to be mostly on the order of rocket or bullet shaped tanks or cars, armored, with rivets showing, with projections on the front that were apparently rockets or guns, some were bristling with them. They were now apparently considered only marginally secret, something on the order of curiosities, and a small amount of national pride seemed to be associated with them.

Later I went back mostly to doing things where I was, still sometimes drawn back for a little while to the cars in Russia, as they went driving along, filming. Some fantastic machines were showing up where I was, too, but these were more advanced, and manned, more disk-shaped with wheels, bristling with projections, going fast, very dynamic. They looked vaguely like the thing Han Solo drove in Star Wars, though more of a ground vehicle, but still able to fly and sometimes doing so. A few showed up, singly, at different times, clearly visible in the bright sunshine. One of the machines showed up at an underpass, out in the country, came up very rapidly and paused, there under the intersection and partly out, then zoomed on. A few other people were with me. We were concerned about them, but though they seemed vaguely threatening, they didn't seem to be really concerned about us. We seemed to be working on some kind of project, something to do I think with making preparations and fortifications against them, protections against them. We were doing other things too, roadwork and some kind of construction I think.

When I woke up, I was sitting in a chair in front of the computer, with the radio on, and it was cold, cold enough to feel chilled. It had rained a few days ago and the temperature had dropped, with highs in the 90s. Now, early in the morning, with the air conditioner (evaporative cooler) apparently still on, it felt too cool, and I wrapped the towel, that I had as a small substitute blanket, around my shoulders and felt warmer.

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Dream - The house in the barren wilderness, the gate that wouldn't latch properly, the coming storm, and the former name of Gabriel Warlock Strange

On Saturday, July 25, 2009, around 4:00-7:30 AM, I dreamed I was going across a largely barren landscape, from one isolated bar to another. The bars were simply made, with furniture simply cut from a powdery dark wood, and straight simple small bars/counters. We stopped there for food, I think. We had started out from some house, I think, that was itself fairly isolated. The land was barren, a wasteland, partly flat dirt and partly extremely low sparse dark vegetation, apparently grass but looking more like some kind of moss. It was cool and overcast, dim, a feeling of bleakness was over things. The whole family was traveling, perhaps in more than one car.

We got to what was evidently something like a farmhouse, though I'm not sure there was really a farm. It was getting dark. We were going to leave there too, it was just a place we were stopping for a little while. Far out in the back, perhaps 80 to 100 feet away, near the corner of the fence, which was tall and made of spaced wood boards, like some country fences, though about six feet high, was a gate. Beyond the fence was more barren land, mostly flat like the rest of it.

The gate had to be latched properly, but it was difficult to get the latch to stay together. We had been out to it earlier and opened it, now I had to check on it to make sure it was staying closed. I found that it still wasn't closing properly. A little girl went out with me, perhaps 10 years old, a relative of some kind. She stayed back by the house, on the small back porch, watching me. It was fairly dark, with a light at the back of the house providing some illumination. We had to leave soon, a storm was moving in fast, and it was very windy. The wind was making it harder to secure the gate, and it kept moving back and forth. I had two sets of gloves, one a dark heavy rubber and one that was white and much lighter weight, and cloth. I had put on the white gloves to do it, but it bothered me because I should be using the heavy rubber gloves instead. There was some problem with them though, either I couldn't find them right away or couldn't get into them for some reason.

I was having a lot of trouble with the gate, and it was taking a lot longer than I hoped it might. The little girl sometimes called out to me from the small back porch, talking to me, and I yelled back replies. Finally, still working on the gate, I told her to tell my mother, who was in the house somewhere, that she needed to hurry up and get ready to leave, because we had to leave soon, before the storm came. I was hoping to outrun the storm, but we would have to move pretty fast because the storm was moving quickly.

The former name of Gabriel Warlock Strange / GabrielWarlockStrange, Charles Brian Smith, came up in the dream, either faintly spoken, like something carried on the wind, or as a faint thought, disconnected from what was happening, back when we were in one of the bars along the way. I was talking to a few people at the time, some of which may have been family members.

The dream had a lot more in it, particularly earlier, and some more along the way, but I don't remember what it was.

In real life, I had earlier been working on a post for my blog that had a gate near the end, "Vanquishing the beast", and the previous day had talked to my mother about our back gate, which had a problem with the latch and it looked like someone had tried to get in, since the board laying on the ground in front of it was pushed back in a small arc.

GabrielWarlockStrange, before his death, was a poster on the message board. He died on June 18, 2009, but at the time of the dream I had known about his death for less than two weeks. He had been in poor health for a long time, many years, and sometimes mentioned it in his posts.

Gabriel Warlock Strange was his real legal name, he had changed it to that. He dropped the spaces for his user name on the message board, and other users frequently abbreviated it further, mostly commonly to GWS.

I had another dream about him a few years before this one, in which I was wandering through a large multistory building and came across him busy at work building an elevator that would go into outer space. I suppose that could be interpreted as building an elevator to Heaven, but he had a 12 part theory of how the universe worked, that he sometimes talked about, so it may be related to that too.

There was also another dream with him in it, a couple of years or so before this one. It had robots and people with metal insides and strange demonic things and a ranch and a celebration and presents, as well as shopping at a grocery-drugstore.

In real life, he had been working on a time travel novel involving a couple of characters, an ape and a sentient computer that looked like a briefcase, that were running away, traveling from the future to the past. They arrived in our time, our present, and were getting into various situations with people here. He posted on the message board the part of it that he had written, and then posted more as he wrote it. Then he had computer problems, as well as increasing health problems, and had to borrow someone else's computer to make posts, which tended to be few in number and did not include more of the story. He had written some more of the story on paper, he said, and I think was looking for some way to get it scanned into the computer, but apparently never did so, and was unable to get it posted before he died.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dream - I go to work for the last time, then step off into empty space, drifting through the air to the other side

On Friday, June 12, 2009, late in the morning, I dreamed I was taking a shower, in some kind of business area or maybe shopping center. It was in a very large shower stall, probably twice as big as normal, with heavily textured sliding glass doors, I think, very large ones. Other people were around, walking past, this way and that.

My slippers were outside the shower, but after a while I brought them in, I think because I was worried about leaving them out there, but I'm not sure. I was hoping they wouldn't get too wet in the shower, but they ended up getting more wet than I was comfortable with, and dark dirt was washing off them, from the soles I think. I put them back out of the shower, but then changed my mind and brought them back in. I was concerned now about the dirt, that once wet it could be a problem and come off and leave tracks, maybe get on the tops of the slippers too, so it had to be washed off even if they got a little wet. I was tired and sleepy, and everything seemed to be moving slow. It seems I might have even sat down or kneeled at some point, too tired to continue, wanting to rest for a while.

I was sitting down, putting the slippers on, and I still had to finish with my shower, when the shower room shrunk around me, and I became aware I was sitting in a car and had been taking a shower there, inside it. The windows were slightly fogged on the inside and damp, and sometimes seemed much taller and flatter than the windows on a normal car.

I seemed to be parked by the edge of a broad sidewalk that ran along the side of a mall. People were walking back and forth along it, but not great numbers of them. Ahead of me, at the far end where the mall turned a corner and went in front of me, a few more people were walking, and I saw what appeared to be a guard, an overweight person in blue pants and a light blue shirt, with some kind of tag sewed to his shirt. He was frowning in my direction and talking into a little handheld device.

I still hadn't finished my shower. I wanted to finish it, but decided I wouldn't be able to. It was not a good place to be taking a shower, and though most people just walked on by, sometimes looking at me, sometimes not, it seemed I was attracting enough attention to get the guard notified, or at least I assumed that might be the case. I couldn't be sure he was actually talking about me, but I couldn't take the chance that he wasn't. I was somehow now partly dressed though, wearing some odd pants and shirt that I wouldn't normally wear. They seemed soft and almost flannel-like.

Another guard was on the sidewalk not far from me, and seemed to be receiving communications from someone, maybe from the first guard, or it could have been relayed from someone else. I thought it might be about me but I didn't know, and he wasn't paying any attention to me. He was looking in the general direction of the first guard but not at him, more just a general look down the way of the sidewalk.

I got out of the car, which might have been the 1970 Cadillac, though it's hard to be sure, it seemed to have a darker interior and so might have been the 1987 Oldsmobile. I walked down the length of the shopping center toward the first guard, probably walking on the asphalt instead of the sidewalk. I went by him and through glass doors into the shopping center. I think he turned slightly my way, still frowning and talking into his radio, but didn't say anything to me.

Inside, there was a dimly lit room, large and seemingly open at the ends to the shopping center or to other rooms, like it was something set up in the aisle without any walls beyond what were already there. A few people were there at computer workstations on dark table-like surfaces. The computers were dark and oddly shaped, with extensions going up square pillars.

I went to my computer, my workstation, and the table that was my desk. The computer was separated into various odd components, it was made that way. It had a small flat screen mounted on the square pillar, with dark wires going down to odd dark little devices, then to more devices on the table. A few people were passing through the area, in both directions, and a few people were at the computers. It seemed sad and bittersweet. I had come back now, after I'd left, but it was really all over.

I tried to log out, but then I found that the keyboard was separated into several dark rectangular pieces, with a couple of them on the square pillar under the monitor, which was mounted high on it. None of the keyboards had many keys. "Oh, that again," I thought. There didn't seem to be nearly enough keys to do anything useful, and I didn't see how I could log out. It would be bad to leave it that way and have people find it like that in the morning. I looked at it, somewhat amused, and decided to just turn it off. As I reached toward a small dark button toward the upper right corner of a keyboard on the pillar, perhaps the second one away from the screen, I noticed that I had somehow managed to log out anyway. I saw the white letters on the black, DOS-like screen, saying so. I continued to reach for the button anyway, and pushed it with my fingers. I pushed two buttons, actually, as there were two grouped close together, and when I pushed the one I wanted I also partly caught the one beside it to the left. The computer immediately turned off, with maybe a small chirp, and the screen flashed and went dark.

I picked up my giant plastic space shuttle model, that I had in the dream. I didn't want to leave it behind. I wrapped my left arm around it, holding it next to my body, sometimes also holding the end with my right hand. The model was probably about five or six feet long. Some people were coming in for the next shift. I recognized some of them from Nevada. Some of them looked at me a little funny, but they didn't want to really look at me. They knew I was going away and would not be back.

I walked back out through the glass doors and found I was now on a tall concrete platform with a lot of stuff on it, some in big dark boxes. I was on the level of a second story. It seemed to be late afternoon, though earlier it had been more toward the middle of the day, maybe late morning. Water was running off the edge of the concrete platform, just little shallow puddles of it, making tiny streams and drips as it went over. Far below, a middle-aged woman stood a little to my left.

I decided to move to my left and step off and glide down, as I could sometimes do these things, though I was intending this time to somehow just step off and stretch my foot down, not really letting go until I was standing on something. The water increased, and was coming out from more places. A lot was coming out from under the boxes and stuff, so it was hard to see what was happening. There was just a narrow space left open along the front, with occasional breaks in the stacks of boxes and things, and it was hard to find a dry spot to step in. I tried to carefully swing around and move to the left, trying to step in a dry spot, and accidentally splashed some water out over the edge where the woman was. I looked and she had quickly moved off, going under the overhang I think. I wasn't sure if she was hit, she might have been but I hoped not. It couldn't be helped now anyway.

I stretched my right leg out far over the edge, hanging there in space, partly holding onto something, but I was so far out that I essentially made a commitment to it, it was too late to turn back now. I swung my leg slowly around, trying to find someplace to put it, but there was too much water now. Most of the platform had water pooled out on it, running off in shallow little streams and dribbles. I finally swung slowly farther and farther toward the other side of the platform, and went all the way over to the corner, where there were some small dry areas, but was still mostly covered by thin sheets of water slowly dribbling off of wet spots around them. I was probably still standing at least partly in wet areas. From there I looked out again on the sunken broken concrete far below me. It rose away in a very gentle slope to where it became level with the ground. On each side were rough, irregular dirt cliffs with thin, half-dead yellow-green grass and areas of broken concrete.

I swung my leg far out and drifted through the air, going across the open space very slowly, the broken concrete of the ramp passing slowly under me. It seemed like a slow, peaceful process. As I went, I looked for a place to land, finally deciding on the top of the dirt cliff on the far side, about halfway along the ramp. I found my brother there, looking much younger, a few feet from the edge. He seemed to be waiting for me.

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Monday, August 01, 2011

Dream - At a large glowing building, after the breakdown of civilization

On Thursday, June 25, 2009, in the morning, I dreamed I was at the place where my elementary school is, but it was a big white scientific/hospital/research place/store that was very wide and several stories in some areas. It tended to be set back from the broad parking lot in steps, and on slightly higher ground. The inside tended to have a soft glow, even from the walls, and some of the objects even seemed to glow some, though some were darker. The building seemed to glow some too, as viewed from the outside, like light softly shining through slightly frosted glass. The building even had a glass-like appearance.

Some areas had books for sale or display, but they didn't look like normal books, in some places being indistinct, softly glowing, irregular somewhat flattened things, partly darkened, almost like books burned around the edges and softly glowing from within with pale light. They were mostly spaced some from each other too, setting out on long shallow glowing shelf structures with the book covers facing out, though in some cases they were a bit closer spaced and even with the spine outward. In one of the inner rooms they were behind counters, stacked more normally and looking closer to what books normally looked like, though still a little odd. I went in there a few times.

Something strange was going on, some kind of disturbance, though I think at least part of it was outside, in the outside world, and filtered through to affect what was happening in the building. It was some kind of strange disaster I think, and after a period of confusion where not much was controlled, some kind of repressive military-style control slowly settled in place, with black-dressed troopers searching for people who had committed offenses, and death was the punishment for stealing from the place, even for stealing small items. Earlier though, when the period of confusion was in effect, people did pretty much what they wanted, and there was a lot of stealing. I even came in and took a few things. It didn't seem all that important anymore not to, like things had broken down almost completely and civilization was falling apart, at least to some extent and for a while, though the people in the building maintained a little bit of control.

What I took was on the small side, a couple of things like flattened wadded heavy plastic, like the plastic used for inflatable toys. They were around the size of a closed billfold or a little smaller. I'm not sure what their function was. They were on the wall behind a counter in the area in front of a major entrance, in a recessed window-like area in the wall, which was white like most other places. The objects themselves were more of a gray-green. I carried them around for a long time, even hiding them temporarily in the building, in a place deeper in and to the right, that seemed partly a store and partly a huge bedroom, reminding me somehow of the master bedroom in my grandmother's house in Arizona, though many times its size and mostly white. I put them behind a counter there that was near the front of the room. Some books were on shelves there under the counter, arranged like books on shelves normally are. Some people were looking for me by that time, but only in a vague sort of way, not really knowing who they were looking for, just looking for someone who had taken things.

I also later got the things outside to the car. It was night. My brother was there also, and worried about me or us getting caught with it. He was also there earlier in the dream, when we were first going in the building I think, or one of the times, but we were separated most of the time from each other. Toward the end, I think I managed to get one of the things back in, to the counter near the front, and maybe put it behind the counter. I still had the other one, though, in the car I think.

There was some darkish rectangular thing mounted on a wall somewhere. It might have even been outside the building. It was maybe 15 inches high and 20 or 24 inches wide. It was smaller when I first saw it, maybe less than half that size, but it grew to the size of a desk mat, and looked much like one. It appeared to be just thin plastic, though, like the kind used in inflatable toys, and some parts were even thinner, even trash bag thinness.

I pulled off a long dark strip of it from a panel on the right end of it. The plastic I pulled off was very thin, almost like carbon paper. I was going to take it inside and try to represent it as the other item, maybe folding it up. It almost seemed like somehow it was at least akin to the missing item. We were outside now, near the car. My brother was nervous and didn't see how this was helping, and worried about me being seen doing it and being seen holding it. I was holding it up in front of me, with it hanging full length. The thing I had torn it off from was something that also belonged to the building, and so we could get into trouble for taking it, too, and even killed for it. A black garbed trooper carrying some kind of big gun in both hands was only around 15 feet away, and seemed interested in us, though only in a vaguely happily curious way. My brother kept worrying, though, about getting caught.

The dream was fairly long and had a strange feeling about it, a kind of peaceful dreaminess a lot of the time. More went on in it, but it's hard to grasp exactly what.

There seems a vague association with earlier dreams where I was outside in a broad area at night, with scattered little buildings or structures and I had to make my way from one side of the area to the other, or nearly so, sometimes going in the odd little buildings. Sometimes magic was involved in some way, and sometimes some kind of task had to be completed, sometimes that night, and sometimes people or beings were after me, and strange monsters, maybe even ogres or dragons, might be about.

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