Saturday, April 07, 2012

Dream - I find an old car I had forgotten about, with plants growing in it, and a woman superhero dressed in white comes, who I know

On Friday, February 25, 2011, around 10:30 AM-12:20 PM, I dreamed that I went out behind the radiator shop. It was night. The shop seemed to be someplace I was living, and there were some other people inside, some family members. Before I went there I was someplace else, to the south.

Out behind the shop, out closer to the alley, pointed mostly to the south, was an old car I had forgotten I had. It was evidently a Cadillac Eldorado, from the mid 1970s, though it was more rounded, less a chiseled look. The paint was old and faded. Sometimes it seemed purplish, and at other times much lighter. The sheet metal was a little battered, a little wavy. The light outside was kind of dim and gray. Some lights were on in the building, and some lights reached out here, way in the back.

I was glad I still had the car, and was glad I found it. I opened up the hood and looked around inside. I had some food and other things hidden under layers of thin cardboard in the front, in large open spaces behind the headlights and to some extent the grill. There were also pieces of a blanket-like cardboard that went along the sides, flexible and a little wrinkled, and some kind of thin strange plants with broccoli-like ends.

Some little kids came out from somewhere, neighborhood kids evidently, and happily wanted to watch what I was doing. I fiddled with the layers of cardboard over the food and things, putting them back and acting like I was rearranging and straightening things, then started trimming the cardboard and plants some with huge scissors. The kids were excited to watch, but also disappointed that I was trimming things, and wanted them left as they were. I finally stopped, deciding to go ahead and leave it. The cardboard blanket had been getting loose and out of place, but it wasn't really all that important, and the plants weren't either, might as well let them stay. They seemed to be part of the car's character. After a while the kids left.

A woman came from somewhere, that I knew. She was a superhero in a mostly white costume. She looked something like Dinah on the TV soap opera "Guiding Light." She was a bit larger than life. We talked softly, and she lay down inside the hood. I undid the front of her costume, while she talked. Her left breast was damaged and scarred and uneven and flattened quite a bit, just an uneven shapeless mounding on that side, that covered most of her ribs, though the central part of it looked about as it should, and was approximately where it should be. Her right breast was normal. I massaged her some while she softly talked, looking more up than at me. Then I laid down on her for a little while, hugging her while she hugged me. I was still leaning over the front of the car, and it was almost like she had no legs. Sometimes we looked toward the building, wondering about the people there. We didn't really want them to find out, and supper was being fixed and someone would probably come out for me soon. I finally got up, and she sat up, partly pulling her clothes around her, though they remained undone for now and one side or the other seemed to always be exposed. She got up after a little bit, swinging her legs up over the passenger side fender.

I started to move back along the car some, trimming some things with the huge scissors, while we talked. I trimmed some things in the interior, and moved back toward the trunk. There were a couple of openings inside the trunk, back by the back window, with clusters of thin dark grass coming through them, and I started to trim it. I was talking to her and clipping it, when I abruptly paused, pulling back, staring at it. Eyes were looking back at me, huge eyes. They were her eyes, two or three times the size of normal eyes. Her head and body had grown to match, and she was stretched out through the car, her eyes looking through and up against the holes in the sheet metal, and I was clipping her eyelashes and eyebrows. I looked at it in horror. I was glad I hadn't hurt her eyes. As she talked, I started to awkwardly apologize, saying I seemed to have cut her eyelashes a bit. She passed it off quickly, seeming a bit amused, and continued talking. A couple of people started to come out from the shop, small in height, women or children probably, to come and tell me it was time for supper, time to go.

Earlier, it seems I had been somewhere concerned with things that were somewhat similar. I may have been at the house for a while, but it seems I was also somewhere else to the south most of the time, perhaps outside a shopping center or even in a partly undeveloped area, sometimes talking to people. I think my brother might have been there, and I think a couple of other cars that I had, also old cars, but in better shape than the one behind the shop. There also seemed to be something about superpowers, or perhaps people with them, but I'm not sure now what. I remembered a little more immediately after awakening, but it soon faded, and I'm writing now at 4:42 PM 2/25/2011, a few hours after the dream.

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