Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dream - Riding in old experimental cars in Russia, drawn there through watching movie footage

On Monday, August 24, 2009, around 2:00-6:30 AM, I dreamed I was driving on large hills. It was cold and slushy, sometimes with damp, partially frozen slush covering part or most of the road, sometimes with tall ridges in the middle. Sometimes it was night and sometimes it seemed to be almost night or perhaps just before dawn. We had more than one car, two and maybe three. The person who was the Engineering Manager where I used to work was in one of them. He was having trouble with the build-up on the road, really worried about it, scared of it, particularly the ridges, some of which seemed about a foot high. I sometimes went over them, though I tried to maneuver the car so that a wheel was over them instead of the middle. This wasn't always possible though, the road sometimes curved some, plus I moved the car gradually back and forth looking for better parts of the road, plus sometimes a car would come from the other direction, and I couldn't always keep the ridge under my wheels. I couldn't move too quickly, too, because the car might lose traction. Although I thought the front of the car would scrape on the ridge, perhaps breaking or scraping off the top of the ridge if it wasn't too hard, the car went over the top of the ridge without any noticeable problem. I didn't even hear or feel scraping, except for perhaps for just a tiny bit initially, though the ridge should have been far too high to drive over without hitting it. Later, sometimes the Engineering Manager seemed to be in the car with me, in the passenger seat, cringing, and sometimes he wasn't, being instead in a car ahead or behind, sometimes far enough distant that it wasn't visible.

The slush and snow went on for a long time, with the road going through it, and sometimes up and down hills. The scenery initially, besides the large hills and the snow and slush, seemed to be dirt with low vegetation and some trees, not big ones. Later it was much the same. We eventually got to where it was apparently slightly warmer, and there was little or no slush. We were out far away from the cities, out in the wilderness somewhere, though even earlier we were on the edge of things.

Getting out to where there were small towns or settlements, we stopped somewhere to get something to eat. It was part restaurant, part convenience store. I think my father might have been there too, at that time. Perhaps he was with us later too, in a different car.

As we continued on, the hills got more gentle, more like slopes, and it was a little warmer and the land mostly dried out, becoming more dirt. We reached some place far out away from places. I think the roads were even dirt by then. Someone else showed up too, about the time we got there. It seemed we got involved with something, and I think I may have gotten somehow to Nevada, perhaps to someplace north of Fallon, though earlier it seemed to be in Arizona. I got involved in doing something there, though I'm not sure what now. This may have actually been the area with the restaurant/settlements, instead of someplace farther out, I'm not sure now.

I was made aware, though, of people filming a documentary in Russia, and Siberia, of cars being sent out with television cameras, filming as they drove, going through the countryside, day after day. The land was mostly empty, sometimes with vast areas of low, mostly green vegetation, usually on the long slopes. Sometimes the cars drove over large hills and even mountains, though.

I was drawn to watching the footage, taken from the cars as they drove. It tended to be night at first, though sometimes it seemed early morning, and it tended to be mostly overcast. Sometimes we saw or went through small towns or settlements, generally just a few buildings, with small widely scattered homes out in the countryside. I'm not sure I ever noticed the driver, maybe a glimpse of hands on the wheel. The camera was pointed to the front, sometimes looking toward the sides some.

I seemed to be there, watching the drive through Russia, from a camera in the car. It felt like I was a passenger, able to look out to the side as well as seeing the road ahead. I was in different cars at different times. We were away from the cities, in the countryside, which was almost entirely unpopulated. Sometimes I would see other cars. We went over mountains and up and down long slopes. It was cool in the car, tending toward cold. I could feel it. Outside the roads were wet, sometimes with a little snow or slush, especially higher up. It felt very peaceful, in the car, being driven, watching the scenery. It went on for a very long time. Sometimes my attention would go back to what I was doing, back where I really was, and I would do things there. Then after a while my attention would go back to the cars in Russia, perhaps being reminded of them by someone where I was, and I would be drawn back to them, and would be in one of them, again being driven along. I spent extremely long times there. It wasn't like watching scenes on television of it, this was the raw footage being shot, before it was condensed for the documentary. I was there in real time, while it was being shot, and the long drives went on forever, for hour after hour. I was aware of this while it was happening, that I was seeing the long version, and that what would be later shown would be specially selected clips from it.

Sometimes, especially toward the end, I would see secret weapons or machines, out in the open, just one at a time usually, with a few people associated with them. The machines tended to get more futuristic as time went on, but still with a primitive look. Most were apparently left over from the old days, but some were still being worked on in a small manner. They seemed to be mostly on the order of rocket or bullet shaped tanks or cars, armored, with rivets showing, with projections on the front that were apparently rockets or guns, some were bristling with them. They were now apparently considered only marginally secret, something on the order of curiosities, and a small amount of national pride seemed to be associated with them.

Later I went back mostly to doing things where I was, still sometimes drawn back for a little while to the cars in Russia, as they went driving along, filming. Some fantastic machines were showing up where I was, too, but these were more advanced, and manned, more disk-shaped with wheels, bristling with projections, going fast, very dynamic. They looked vaguely like the thing Han Solo drove in Star Wars, though more of a ground vehicle, but still able to fly and sometimes doing so. A few showed up, singly, at different times, clearly visible in the bright sunshine. One of the machines showed up at an underpass, out in the country, came up very rapidly and paused, there under the intersection and partly out, then zoomed on. A few other people were with me. We were concerned about them, but though they seemed vaguely threatening, they didn't seem to be really concerned about us. We seemed to be working on some kind of project, something to do I think with making preparations and fortifications against them, protections against them. We were doing other things too, roadwork and some kind of construction I think.

When I woke up, I was sitting in a chair in front of the computer, with the radio on, and it was cold, cold enough to feel chilled. It had rained a few days ago and the temperature had dropped, with highs in the 90s. Now, early in the morning, with the air conditioner (evaporative cooler) apparently still on, it felt too cool, and I wrapped the towel, that I had as a small substitute blanket, around my shoulders and felt warmer.

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