Monday, August 01, 2011

Dream - At a large glowing building, after the breakdown of civilization

On Thursday, June 25, 2009, in the morning, I dreamed I was at the place where my elementary school is, but it was a big white scientific/hospital/research place/store that was very wide and several stories in some areas. It tended to be set back from the broad parking lot in steps, and on slightly higher ground. The inside tended to have a soft glow, even from the walls, and some of the objects even seemed to glow some, though some were darker. The building seemed to glow some too, as viewed from the outside, like light softly shining through slightly frosted glass. The building even had a glass-like appearance.

Some areas had books for sale or display, but they didn't look like normal books, in some places being indistinct, softly glowing, irregular somewhat flattened things, partly darkened, almost like books burned around the edges and softly glowing from within with pale light. They were mostly spaced some from each other too, setting out on long shallow glowing shelf structures with the book covers facing out, though in some cases they were a bit closer spaced and even with the spine outward. In one of the inner rooms they were behind counters, stacked more normally and looking closer to what books normally looked like, though still a little odd. I went in there a few times.

Something strange was going on, some kind of disturbance, though I think at least part of it was outside, in the outside world, and filtered through to affect what was happening in the building. It was some kind of strange disaster I think, and after a period of confusion where not much was controlled, some kind of repressive military-style control slowly settled in place, with black-dressed troopers searching for people who had committed offenses, and death was the punishment for stealing from the place, even for stealing small items. Earlier though, when the period of confusion was in effect, people did pretty much what they wanted, and there was a lot of stealing. I even came in and took a few things. It didn't seem all that important anymore not to, like things had broken down almost completely and civilization was falling apart, at least to some extent and for a while, though the people in the building maintained a little bit of control.

What I took was on the small side, a couple of things like flattened wadded heavy plastic, like the plastic used for inflatable toys. They were around the size of a closed billfold or a little smaller. I'm not sure what their function was. They were on the wall behind a counter in the area in front of a major entrance, in a recessed window-like area in the wall, which was white like most other places. The objects themselves were more of a gray-green. I carried them around for a long time, even hiding them temporarily in the building, in a place deeper in and to the right, that seemed partly a store and partly a huge bedroom, reminding me somehow of the master bedroom in my grandmother's house in Arizona, though many times its size and mostly white. I put them behind a counter there that was near the front of the room. Some books were on shelves there under the counter, arranged like books on shelves normally are. Some people were looking for me by that time, but only in a vague sort of way, not really knowing who they were looking for, just looking for someone who had taken things.

I also later got the things outside to the car. It was night. My brother was there also, and worried about me or us getting caught with it. He was also there earlier in the dream, when we were first going in the building I think, or one of the times, but we were separated most of the time from each other. Toward the end, I think I managed to get one of the things back in, to the counter near the front, and maybe put it behind the counter. I still had the other one, though, in the car I think.

There was some darkish rectangular thing mounted on a wall somewhere. It might have even been outside the building. It was maybe 15 inches high and 20 or 24 inches wide. It was smaller when I first saw it, maybe less than half that size, but it grew to the size of a desk mat, and looked much like one. It appeared to be just thin plastic, though, like the kind used in inflatable toys, and some parts were even thinner, even trash bag thinness.

I pulled off a long dark strip of it from a panel on the right end of it. The plastic I pulled off was very thin, almost like carbon paper. I was going to take it inside and try to represent it as the other item, maybe folding it up. It almost seemed like somehow it was at least akin to the missing item. We were outside now, near the car. My brother was nervous and didn't see how this was helping, and worried about me being seen doing it and being seen holding it. I was holding it up in front of me, with it hanging full length. The thing I had torn it off from was something that also belonged to the building, and so we could get into trouble for taking it, too, and even killed for it. A black garbed trooper carrying some kind of big gun in both hands was only around 15 feet away, and seemed interested in us, though only in a vaguely happily curious way. My brother kept worrying, though, about getting caught.

The dream was fairly long and had a strange feeling about it, a kind of peaceful dreaminess a lot of the time. More went on in it, but it's hard to grasp exactly what.

There seems a vague association with earlier dreams where I was outside in a broad area at night, with scattered little buildings or structures and I had to make my way from one side of the area to the other, or nearly so, sometimes going in the odd little buildings. Sometimes magic was involved in some way, and sometimes some kind of task had to be completed, sometimes that night, and sometimes people or beings were after me, and strange monsters, maybe even ogres or dragons, might be about.

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