Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dream - Vanquishing the beast

On Monday, April 21, 2008, I dreamed I was at a place that was partly like a grade school I used to attend, with long rows of buildings, and partly like a mall. I was a Spider-Man-like character, but generally or always dressed in Peter Parker fashion with brown clothes and white shirt. I went up and down a corridor like the grade school had between buildings, but which had stores in the dream. It seemed also to be some kind of school. It was night.

I turned into a broad aisle going through the buildings, and around the middle of the school found some silvery metal horizontal fins set in a square high in a recessed corner. They disturbed me in some way, and I kept going back to look at them. Someone I knew came by, a man, and talked to me a bit, saying something about a meeting in the multipurpose room. I said something brief and quickly turned away, not wanting to talk and not really wanting to be seen. I quickly walked back over to the high square of fins and looked at it some more. I had thought that something was hidden behind it, but it just seemed to be composed of layers of fins.

I had a general sad feeling, then and earlier. I also had some feelings of worry about people, about doing something, and a need to be partly hidden, at least as far as powers and maybe my true nature went.

I went forward then through the aisle under the building, then turned back to a restaurant about halfway down the aisle. A man there remembered me from earlier, out in the countryside, far away where I fought a strange Nessie-like beast and killed it. He had the beast again and it wasn't dead.

A flashback showed that the original beast was killed by me, along with others like it (though the dream originally only featured the one beast), but he found a baby or juvenile one and took it and raised it to adulthood. It was now in the restaurant and was used as an attraction. People rode it, trying to outlast it or beat it in some way. Business was down for some reason.

He wanted me to ride it and try to beat it. He hoped it would attract customers and hopefully save his business. I rode it. It was like a killer whale on land, raised a little up from the ground. There was some doubt about the outcome.

The next day or night, the scene returned to the restaurant and a figure slowly rose straight up from the floor, like it was being created as it rose. It seemed at first to be the beast, but then it became apparent that it was just a suit made from its skin, with broad, light chocolate-colored collars and black otherwise. The figure wearing it seemed at first to be someone else, but was apparently supposed to be me, though I still seemed to be separate from the person, who seemed younger and smaller.

I went deeper again into the restaurant where people were sitting in groups at tables by a broad aisle running deep into the building. They seemed to be mostly mobsters. Another aisle ran to the right. It led eventually to a place deep in the building where people were gathered, watching something. It was some kind of magic figure and the people, some of them, were wizards from Discworld, little old men with long beards and pointed hats. One of them was talking to a much older one, who managed to answer after a pause, mainly just a nod of acknowledgement and agreement and perhaps a few words. It seemed somehow that my father and his father were among them and part of the wizards. The wizards didn't resemble them, but sometimes seemed to be a projection or overlay over them.

The dream had much more earlier in the mall/school, and before that out in the country where near the end of that portion I vanquished the beast. I vanquished the original beast just before or as we were leaving.

The country was somewhat hilly with broad depressed areas and some higher areas with lumpy red dirt walls with rounded holes where large stones had fallen out at some earlier time. It was desert with some vegetation, but seemed to have more moisture than a real desert. There were dirt roads and some kind of gate near the end of one, before a main but probably still dirt road. The gate was at the end of a dirt road that led up from a broad depressed area with another dirt road or two crossing it before getting to the gate. At the other side of the gate was the road that went past and led away. It was daytime.

Some other people were there. We may have been trying to lead them out or may have been at least partly trying to get away from them. If they were threatening, they didn't seem very threatening. I'm not sure what we were originally doing there, but a large part of the dream, perhaps most of it, took place there.

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