Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dream - First contact

One time, in the late 1960s or early 1970s, I went to bed a little early and fell asleep. I had a dream in which I was on a spaceship (one of ours), apparently as a visitor, just observing. It was a very large ship, and people occasionally went by, apparently on various errands or carrying out their duties. Everyone wore light-colored clothes.

A few people, perhaps just two or three, were near a machine built into one of the walls. The machine protruded from the wall, almost desk-like except the top sloped upward toward the wall and the sides sloped out toward the wall. At the wall, the top narrowed and joined a flat section that ran up the wall. The machine had lots of small grills and rectangular lights on its surface, though everything was relatively wide-spaced; that is, lots of blank metal existed on the machine's surface, between the sections of grills and lights.

The people were waiting for a signal from space aliens. I got the impression that some kind of signal had actually been received already, and they had already sent back a response. Now they were waiting for a second signal, a response back from the aliens. The dream had a peaceful, expectant feel to it.

All of a sudden, the machine started making a series of loud buzzes, like BUZZ-BUZZ, BUZZ. I think some of the lights started going on and off, too. I was suddenly filled with an incredible amount of terror. I forced myself to wake up, and while I was waking up I realized that I was waking up and I forced myself to sit up, so that there would be no chance that I could accidentally fall back to sleep.

By the time I was fully awake, I was sitting up in bed. People who had not gone to bed yet were still moving about in the house; I could hear them and see some of their shadows on the hallway wall. It was still early in the night. Evidently, I had started dreaming immediately upon falling asleep.

The dream is puzzling. Everything was peaceful as we waited for a signal from the space aliens. When the expected signal came, in the form of the loud buzzes and possibly the lights going on and off, I was suddenly terrified. I wonder if some reason outside the dream, something that I don't remember, exists for the terror.

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