Friday, November 13, 2009

Dream - The small buildings in the lake, some with red liquid and some with blue

Around July 20, 2008, I dreamed I was driving back to Nevada along a place like the road by Walker Lake, going north, but instead of the lake being way down it was up near the road. My brother was there, in a separate car I think. He was irritated that I wasn't going faster. A lot had already happened, but I no longer remember it.

We got past the big curve and were going along a section that wound in and out slightly along that end of the lake. There was some kind of building or structure that went from the lake out over the road, very low, and we had to go through it. My brother went into it in his car, going slow, and I think stopped for a while. I was flying beside the road over the lake now, very low, unable to get much height even though I thought I should be able to. I think one arm or hand was stretched out toward and over the road, touching it, and my body and legs were out over the water. Sometimes my legs dipped into it a little bit as I flew.

A little before the building, maybe before the curve I think, I went out over the water and there was a tiny building, the size of a very small restroom, that had a pool of liquid near the door, trying to spread forward some, with little waves or ripples in it. It was a bright deep red in color, almost a fluorescent red, and a little thicker than water, like Jello before it sets or like antifreeze.

Now with my brother under the structure that came out from the water, I went out again over the water and found another little building. I think I did this a couple of times. These buildings, like the other, were tiny and had a narrow path to the door, but the pools associated with both of these had a bright deep fluorescent blue color instead of red. I was thinking that sometimes it was one color and sometimes the other, like this was normal and matter of fact. All the ones in this section seemed to have blue liquid though, which was a little disturbing for some reason.

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