Sunday, November 01, 2009

My GeoCities Homepage

This originally had a green background when it was at Yahoo GeoCities, with the text in a column at the right and everything else in a column at the left, which also had a dafault picture place marker image. The links to other pages on my Geocities site have been changed to link to posts on this blog.

Title: Welcome to Stephen Morgan's home page

This site features a description of my programming abilities and includes examples of my work. The programs, for the most part, are written in FoxPro. A list of past projects will also be presented.

My resume may be viewed by clicking here.

A partial list of past projects may be viewed by clicking here.

In early 1998 I emailed a question to Lisa Slater Nicholls, who is a major figure in Foxpro circles. She very graciously answered me, and later that year published the question on her web site, as well as a more detailed answer. See the heading Menuing and keyboard interactions on the page Lisa Slater Nicholls Fox Volume 4 on her site.

In the original email, I also responded to a question she had posed on the site, as to whether anyone would be interested in hearing how to accomplish individually coloring bars in a list. I mentioned that I would be interested, and in a later page she responded, again mentioning me. See the heading Coloring separate items within listboxes and comboboxes on the page Lisa Slater Nicholls Fox stuff on her site.

I am also writing a blog now, Stephen's Thoughts. It is on a variety of topics, with many details of my personal life.

The number of posts on my blog has now exceeded 100. The oldest posts are falling off the bottom, and the archive list only shows the month and year, not the posts' titles, so I have created a separate blog to act as a table of contents. The second blog is called, appropriately enough, Table of Contents for Stephen's Thoughts, and is accessed through links on the main blog.

My Favorite Links:

Lisa Slater Nicholls Fox stuff

FoxPro Advisor Magazine

FoxTalk Newsletter Online

Pinter Consulting

Word Imperfect

Never-Ending Story

My Info:

Stephen E. Morgan


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