Friday, November 06, 2009

Dream - The Oldsmobile station wagon and teddy bears

In May of 2007, probably around the 26th or 27th, I dreamed of the 1973 Oldsmobile station wagon being down by Skaggs/Osco and having something wrong with it. I went with my mother down there, taking what looked like an antifreeze bottle but having a little bit of U.S. Chemical Z-4 Ring & Valve Free in it. It was night and we stopped at a little diner that, in the dream, was on the west side of the building. I left the Ring & Valve Free down next to the counter.

My father eventually showed up and the station wagon was somehow taken to the radiator shop on the main road. I stopped back at the diner, as my mother was worried about the Ring & Valve Free. It had apparently been a day or two, maybe even more, but it was still there, along with my black leather briefcase. I was a little surprised about the briefcase, as I had forgotten it was there. In spite of the place apparently having been cleaned, and probably more then once, they were both still there, though the briefcase was slightly moved out from the counter on one side and the expansion snap had been undone on the inside on the bottom on one side, and one of the latches may have been undone also. I took both the briefcase and the Ring & Valve Free with me.

Sometime later, I went to the shop to check on the car. It was now daytime. In the dream, the shop had recently been turned back over to my father. The station wagon was parked way in the back, near the alley, next to another car. I walked slowly toward it across the concrete that I had had poured years ago, noting the occasional clumps of dirt on it, about the size of a large shovelful, some with an occasional blade of grass sticking out. I thought of how they had let the place go, leaving stuff like that there. I walked though one of them, shoving through it with my heavy rubber boot. I was very tired and it was hard to keep walking, and too much trouble to try and lift my feet above it.

A couple of employees went out there to the back, were perhaps going out there anyway, and in any case got there before me. One of them may have been one that I knew. They talked about a bunny they had found, evidently a toy one. I was excitedly shown two triangular piles, flat on one side, of what were apparently teddy bears, not bunnies, gray with old dust. One pile was supposed to be normal teddy bears and the other an antique version that was no longer made. Then it was abruptly reduced to one of each.

The antique teddy bear had a more oval head that was very flat in front. They were excited about licensing it to toy companies, and apparently several were interested. They hoped to use the money in a legal fight against the city, and perhaps also to meet some of the new city requirements.

It seems the city was trying to do some kind of revitalization project for that area. The old shed was going to have to be torn down, and nearby businesses were also going to be affected. I think some kind of beautification was also going to be done to the whole area near the alley. Perhaps even the main building would have to be torn down at some point, I'm not sure.

I think I started asking about the car, and my father had someone move it around to the side, where they opened the hood and started working on it. Other cars were there, too.

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