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Stephen Morgan's Resume



A position in computer programming using Visual FoxPro to create and maintain programs and databases.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Experience with Visual FoxPro
  • Experience with Datastream MP2 5.0 Enterprise for MS NT SQL Server, including writing Visual FoxPro programs to import records.
  • 10 years of experience with FoxPro, FoxBase and dBASE III. This includes creating and upgrading a wide variety of programs of all sizes and complexities.
  • Experience with multi-user programming, including site level and user level security.
  • Experience with software documentation, including writing and editing user manuals and detailed descriptions of program operations.
  • Experience with Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows NT SQL Server.
  • Experience with the programming languages of Assembly, BASIC, Pascal, and C.
  • Can work alone or as part of a team. Though most work was performed alone, some activities were coordinated with another programmer who worked on a related program, with the programs released as a team effort.

Professional Experience

Using Visual FoxPro:

  • Created programs to import records from DOS FoxPro tables to Datastream MP2 5.0 Enterprise for MS SQL Server 6.5 after reworking tables and data to match MP2 requirements.
  • Created a program to reopen (unclose) MP2 work orders.
  • Created custom MP2 reports.
  • Corrected various MP2 data problems through direct commands to SQL Server from Visual FoxPro and through specially created programs for that purpose.
  • Created a form for searches.

Using FoxPro, FoxBase and dBASE III:

  • Created programs for inventory control, data entry, and equipment status tracking, as well as modifying and rewriting existing programs. Program features included complex screen displays, extensive file manipulation, data validation and error checking, mathematical computations, and a variety of menu driven options and editing features.
  • Screen displays included screen and window scrolling, left-right scrolling, displays of help instructions, switching and returning from record lists to specific records, and multiple window displays.
  • Database manipulation/management included creation of temporary work files, verifying and/or copying specific information across files, use of multiple tables, complex indexing/sorting, movement of table information across networks, simultaneous access of tables by multiple users, automatic notification of data updates, and automatic updating of data displays.
  • Data validation included checking of values and formats, and duplicate entry prevention.
  • Some programs were written with spreadsheet-like screens that computed totals and subtotals, including both horizontal and vertical calculations.
  • Programs were written to automatically generate monthly/quarterly inventory summary records.
  • A complex error and exception handler was created. Error data was logged to a table.
  • A complex program was created to allow the entry of printer codes, printer location (LAN or local) and printer menu choices. The average user simply had to choose the appropriate printer from the menu, and the program saved the choice.
  • Programs were created which printed highly detailed forms when an HP LaserJet printer was chosen. The form was hand-coded and the graphics and text micro-positioned.

Using Turbo C:

  • Created a program for polling machinery operation status through a modem by utilizing PC interrupts, for the purpose of querying a large UPS for status and other data. Also created an associated FoxPro program. The C program wrote text files containing the UPS data, which were then read by the FoxPro program. If the power to the UPS went down, the FoxPro program notified users over the network by use of the Novell SEND command.
  • Created a program for printing the company logo (Ford Aerospace) on dBASE III/FoxBase reports.


  • Assisted in troubleshooting Windows NT Server.
  • Assisted in troubleshooting, installation and maintenance of NetWare 3.x and 2.x servers.
  • Installed NetWare 2.15C and set up server and workstations to communicate through modems.


Landmark Forum
Landmark Education Corporation, Phoenix, Arizona

MP2 5.0 Enterprise Training
Datastream Systems Incorporated, Irvine, California

Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology
Presidential Honor Society
Upsilon Delta Chapter of Tau Alpha Pi
DeVry Institute of Technology, Phoenix, Arizona

Work History

Lockheed Martin/Loral/Ford Aerospace (they merged), Fallon, NV

Software Engineer/R&D Engineer
Associate Software Engineer

Volunteer Experience

Expert in multiple categories on (as stephen2345)


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