Friday, November 06, 2009

Dream - Grandpa and the violins

In May of 2007, probably around the middle of the month, I dreamed that I was driving through the south side of Phoenix, going east, probably a little south of Jefferson St. There was a lot of bare land, just dirt, to the right, the south. I went by or through some overpasses, underpasses and crossroads. For some reason I had been drinking (I don't drink) and a few miles ahead I was going to hit someone with my car and kill them. I somehow knew this was going to happen, like it was fated or had somehow happened before. Or perhaps I was informed by some presence or entity in the dream. I know there was someone I stopped and talked to. I continued on, but somehow never made it to where I was supposed to kill someone.

The dream seemed to skip ahead a few years, though I seem to remember at least some things happening in between. Years later, though, I was at another town, the place where the dead person's family lived. Grandpa, my mother's father, who has been dead about fifty years, got off a train, along with some other people who were with him. He looked thinner and seemed more energetic, but his hair was short and white instead of gray. He had several violins in their cases sitting around him, though not directly in front of him. There might have been six or seven. Although the person I killed had been dead for several years and presumably long buried, Grandpa felt that it was only right that since he was visiting the person's hometown that he should perform some kind of memorial service. He wasn't mad or judgmental, and seemed almost cheerful. More happened after that, but I don't remember what.

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