Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dream - The long line and the door with no return

On Friday morning, September 5, 2008, I dreamed I was driving north or northeast from the Phoenix area, in a smallish car, around the 1987 Oldsmobile's size (a full-size front wheel drive sedan) or a little smaller. I was explaining to someone, my brother I think, about how I used to listen to records in the car in the old days, and then after they changed it I recorded some onto CD's. I was speaking specifically about a certain Neil Diamond album. I'm not sure which one, possibly the new one my sister got me (a CD).

The road wound back and forth and the ground was slowly getting higher. Various other roads joined it. Small towns or just service stations were occasionally seen off to the side.

For some reason I started walking instead, then running. Other people were doing it too, and the cars, never very numerous, were reduced, with mostly just an occasional one going the other way. I was going very fast, I don't remember now just how fast. It was either a little over thirty miles per hour or a little over sixty, on a slight uphill grade. I worried some about the soles of my shoes holding up, especially since I anticipated doing this a lot, going back and forth over this same area on long trips. I wondered if they had holes already. They didn't feel any different, though.

I got to a place where the turnoff led off to a building on the left. The road went to the building and then led around it. Other people were there, waiting in line to make their way around and through it. There was something in the building that they needed before going on. I think it had food, but there also seemed to be something else. I got in line. I think my father had arrived a little earlier, possibly also with his father, though in real life his father had been dead for over twenty years. I think my brother was there somewhere, too. My old lab partner was also there. The line was inside the building now, making its way along the sides.

Someone got a little ahead in line. I heard someone saying, too, something about Obama and him getting out of place, getting ahead in the line. I didn't actually notice Obama there, though I think I did see someone move ahead to a different place in the line. Perhaps they were two separate people, I'm not sure, or it may be that the Obama reference was applied retroactively to the person I saw. In real life, it was around 6-6:30 AM and the radio was playing with the Bruce Jacobs show on, a person with extreme right-wing views. I probably picked up something from it.

In the dream, the line led around the walls to where there was a door that people had to go in. There was a window near it, like a car dealer parts window. Someone went through the door early, out of sequence, to check on things, to see how they were going. I think it might have been my lab partner. He came back out after a short while. He had been anxious to see what the holdup might be, to see why it was taking so long. I think that food was supposed to be available beyond the door, but there was also something else that had to be done before leaving, some kind of short half-page form that had to be filled out, some kind of government thing. I felt that once you went through the door you couldn't normally come back.

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