Monday, November 30, 2009

Dream - Finding my brother's apartment and trying to get ready for work

On Wednesday morning, September 10, 2008, around 4:00-5:00 AM, I had a dream where I was staying in a giant apartment house with hospital-like corridors, and my brother and his family had a huge apartment there with large numbers of relatives visiting, and I had to go to work in the morning and was very tired and trying to get to a shower.

In the dream, I was in a fairly large place, living there. Some relatives and their children had come to visit. I had to go to work in the radiator shop in the morning. It seemed it wasn't a normal thing, but I had to do it and maybe for several days afterward. One of the relatives was going with me to help out. The relatives were actually staying at my brother's house, which was not far away in the dream, in fact the places were connected in the same building. Later, I had to walk through corridors to get to it. I kept going back and forth. It was the middle of the night, but getting toward morning. When I went to his place I went through a large common area and then along wide corridors. The walls had numbers on them for the different apartments. Every little bit would be an opening where there were chairs and tables and where people could eat, along with one or more people who acted as supervisors or helpers. This was similar to how the nurses' stations in the hospital were in real life, but much more deluxe and expensive looking.

At my brother's place people were doing various things, working at various tasks, helping to get things ready, helping to fix things to eat. My mother was there too, looking much younger, helping out.

I laid down on a couch there in the family room, which was similar to my grandmother's house in Arizona. The couch had a few things on it already, including a few folded-up small towels and dish towels and things. They were mostly on one end, though there were a little along the bottom cushion near the back and up on top of the back. I had brought a folded up old T-shirt that I had been using as a pillow. I tried to lay down for a while and sleep, but I wasn't able to with all that was happening around me. I worried, too, about the folded up T-shirt being mistaken for something clean and I thought I should probably crumple it up instead of having it neatly folded.

I got up and went back to where I was staying and laid down on the couch there. Someone was saying something on the radio, something about crime I think. My 1970 Cadillac was parked outside on the enormous lawn, a lawn that had low cut, partly yellow grass, probably Bermuda grass. I think I looked out briefly at the car and was glad that it was still okay. It was getting around 5:00 AM and I had to get started getting ready. I still had to take a shower. I didn't know how easy it was going to be with all the people there. Some might be wanting to take one, too. The man who was going to help was already ready, I saw him now and then. I was already dressed, though not in work clothes, and I would have to get undressed for the shower and then dressed again.

I started over to my brother's place. I was so tired that I ended up leaning against the wall of the corridor, pushing at it with my head. My eyes kept closing and wanting to stay closed. I managed to somehow get moving and kind of slid around the corner, still pushing forward though I should be going to the side. People were staring at me. I was basically slowly stumbling forward. It was hard to stop it. I managed to turn to the left and go that direction, but now I was in the far corridor, not the one I was usually on, and I had to go through one of the small eating areas to get back to the other corridor. One of the supervisor women in the eating area was looking at me uncertainly, like she was wondering if she should ask me if I needed any help. I managed to turn away fairly quickly, considering, and get to the other corridor.

I made my way along it looking for my brother's apartment number. Somehow I went past it and the apartments ended in another open section that apparently went on to an area of small shops. Everything looked different than it had, older and cheaper, like an old section of town. I looked back and saw that the people's names and maybe numbers were now on round signs that stuck out above the doors. The numbers were also on the walls or doors. The number I was looking for was 280 or 281. I found my brother's name, or it seems it wasn't exactly his name, though it seemed to be at first, but was instead some slightly humorous business name he was using. I don't remember now what it was. The apartments were all pretty close together, but when I went in it was enormous and extended a great distance, and went out quite a bit to the sides as well, particularly a ways in. There was a kitchen/eating area to the right and something leading off from it further in, maybe a bar and/or dancing area. The bathrooms and family room were somewhere to the left.

I walked on ahead into a huge area where a lot of people were watching a huge television, maybe more than one, somewhere in the distance to the left. Some of them were sitting on chairs of some kind, maybe webbed lawn chairs, and a lot were sitting or partly laying on the floor. They tended to be in small groups, sometimes only two or three in the group, separated with areas of space that might be five to ten feet. They tended to be grouped by sections of wall that were only about five feet or so long. (This is a little like the dream "In the Matrix," where a dark cloud came down and then I looked out on people that were widely separated and each had their own spike that went up high into the sky, and also a little like other dreams of huge outdoor entertainment complexes.) A lot of them were children. I think most of the people might have been visiting relatives.

I had a huge plastic glass partly filled with water or some other drink and somehow I threw it, kind of a combination throw-shove. I'm not sure now what I intended or where I intended for it to land, or if I even intended to throw it, it seems that it might have been accidental. I remember somebody coming from the left and getting in the way, maybe bumping into me, and I might have been trying to save the glass from spilling or from being knocked over, and so I threw/shoved it trying to get it to a safe place. It went forward a long distance, maybe twenty feet, and came down on the low rug standing up, bumping gently against a young girl, part of a small group of children on the rug in that area. She turned and looked down at it. I went and retrieved the drink, glad that it didn't hit her hard.

I went off to look for the shower. I realized I hadn't brought any soap with me. I hoped there was some in the shower I could use. In the dream I was picturing Caress, which I used to use but don't any longer. Then I was abruptly awakened by Bruce Jacobs. a local right-wing radio host, ranting on the radio in a loud voice. It was a little after 5:00 AM, maybe five or six minutes or so.

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