Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dream - The device to help with astral projections

Very early Wednesday morning, September 10, 2008, around 1:00-2:00 AM, I had a dream in which I saw a large radiator-like object floating in a fiberglass tank, then later I tried to connect a similar object to electricity, as a device to help with astral projections.

In the dream, we went to see my father at his business, where he was having his business these days. He had a small fiberglass tank on the left side of a narrow room with concrete floors. The room was big enough to squeeze two and perhaps three tanks in. There was a hallway that led off from the middle of the room to office-type rooms he had. My father went off to the rooms with my mother and they were talking about something. I stayed and looked at the radiator repair tank.

It was filled with water and there was something large floating in it or suspended in it. I pushed at it from time to time, moving it back and forth a little in the water. Everything was fairly clean, including the floor, like it was fairly new or hadn't been used much, at least not for radiator work. Later, the object seemed more like a floating radiator of some kind, a big thick blocky one. Earlier, it may have just been a hoist for holding radiators, I'm not sure. The radiator-like thing was very heavily built with heavy brass fins that ran across it and square brass tanks, then later it had some kind of rod laid onto the middle of it that was attached to a massive power cord that ran off to an electronic machine. The machine was supposed to be something to help with out of body experiences or something like that.

I had memories then of other times and similar places, a series of such places, in other dreams perhaps or probably. It was a strange feeling and a little disturbing.

Then I was back home at the computer and listening to the radio. (In real life, I was sitting at the computer sleeping and Coast to Coast AM was on with George Noory and guest Lionel Fanthorpe talking about time travel and voodoo.) I was trying to get various largish electronic devices set up, things to help me get an out of body experience or something like that. I had some on the desk or table next to or near the computer screen and one was to the right against the wall. I was having some trouble with it.

I turned the radio off some common setting that it was on and then tuned the channel to bring in the station clearer. Instead of the compromise position, it was tuned slightly to one side in order to have some other benefit. (In real life, the radio is not like this and goes from station to station in discrete steps, not allowing fiddling with the tuning. I do have the bass and highs reduced slightly, though, when listening to AM to minimize noise. However, long ago when I was traveling, probably with the 1970 Cadillac, I did have to tune the radio off center sometimes, probably to bring a faint station in a little louder or to minimize some kind of whine or noise or something like that.)

With the radio tuned properly, the sound was coming through very well and clear, sounding very good. A song of some kind was playing. (In real life it was probably bumper music I was hearing.)

I had ordered something to help with what I was doing. It was $70, and was a heavy brass radiator-like thing like I saw earlier in the dream. I had to hook up the electronics, though, and find some place to put the radiator-like thing. It had to be suspended in a tank of water and I didn't see any place to put it where I was. I couldn't put in the family room because the rod with its massive cable drew a lot of electricity and I couldn't or shouldn't run an extension cord to it. I had wanted to stay in with the computer while I used the device, but it seemed that it was going to be very difficult to get it in there with the computer, and I had to buy some more stuff to even make it work. I didn't have everything I needed now. I almost felt that it would have been better not to spend the $70, but now it was too late, then suddenly things got very ominous and threatening and I abruptly woke up.

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