Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dream - I was Art Bell, and flying

On May 28, 2007, I dreamed I was Art Bell, a late-night radio talk show host who is now largely retired but occasionally guest-hosts, and I was flying and eventually chased by a small dinosaur.

In the dream, I was Art Bell, in the dark in the back yard of what was apparently my grandmother's house in Arizona. I was out near the alley behind a long desk that roughly faced toward the house but was at an angle to it. Some other people were there, but they went back inside the house. My chair started spinning around rapidly, and then started sailing rapidly backward through the air. I didn't mind either situation, as I thought that either one might help to have an out-of-body experience.

Soon after, it was daylight, though not very bright, and I was going over and among some brick or brownstone buildings. I went through a wall, but it was difficult and slowed me down considerably and was not very pleasant. A little later, I went up through the ceiling of another building and this was a little easier, though the part I went through was thinner and less massive a structure than the wall had been.

After a while, I was at what was apparently a place like the north end of an elementary school I used to attend, and going around the end of the building toward the playground. I was also watching separately from the air from a little distance away. The area was apparently some kind of government or military testing area, and I was worried that the Art Bell figure didn't know that and might be discovered. I watched and waited to see what might happen.

A tall black person in some kind of military uniform came and was looking at the door, which faced the street, that the Art Bell figure had just come from. The military figure looked similar to some movie or TV star, but I can't remember who. The military had some kind of secret program that involved the paranormal, and I was afraid that they might be able to detect the Art Bell figure even though he was supposedly invisible due to just being in an astral body at the time. The military figure was looking suspiciously at the door and he had some device that he was moving to different parts of the door and frame.

Finally he came around the building to the playground/yard area, and Art Bell was in the air perhaps 10 feet high and maybe 10-15 feet away. The military figure didn't seem able to see Art Bell, but seemed to feel that there was something there somewhere and he had some device that he was looking at. A dog was also now with him that seemed to be interested in something that was approximately where Art Bell was.

Art Bell was now holding what seemed to be a camera with a long leather strap, though later the strap turned, at times, to a much longer string. He attempted to use the strap/string to hook the device the man was holding, but eventually got the dog with it instead. He swung the dog on the string in long arcs back and forth while the man stood there, looking interested but confused, as he apparently just saw the dog going back and forth in the air, without seeing Art Bell or even the string.

Art Bell eventually let the dog go and started trying to get away. He went some north but mostly west, flying high over areas of low, somewhat dry-looking grass or bare ground and large, low buildings with yards that may have sometimes been paved. Low walls and small roads ran through the area, separating things, and the walls frequently connected to and surrounded the buildings. After a while the buildings ended and a large area of grass followed, which ended abruptly in a stretch of bare ground. Shortly afterward, he came to a very tall block wall that he barely made it to the top of, as he was having difficulty flying high at that point. He rested briefly at the wall and then went over it.

On the other side was a desert area with a series of other walls forming long pens containing genetic experiments with animals, including the restoration of long extinct animals, including dinosaurs, though frequently with modifications. I, as Art Bell, soared high above them. They were generally large and vicious animals, frequently on two legs or able to stand on two legs. They looked at me and some of them leaped high, several times their height, to try and bite me. One animal, standing on two legs, had a head that was very broad but flattened top-to-bottom and front-to-back, and seemed to be mostly a broad empty mouth with some somewhat widely spaced sharp teeth well back in it. It leaped so high that I felt its hot breath on me, around my stomach slightly below the belt. It was in a very localized area, though, not like one would expect from something that was huge. I came to realize that the animals were in fact very small, generally around a foot and a half high, and I was not nearly as high above the ground as I thought.

Eventually I came to a Tyrannosaurus rex, or something like one. It was significantly taller and much more massive than the others, perhaps somewhere around three or four feet high, though the size seemed to vary a bit with time. The general shape of it was right, but it seemed to be composed of various sections of different, usually very bright colors, and had a rubber/plastic look. Some areas were flesh colored, including its arms, which were human-like and had somewhat oversized human-like hands. I think some of the other colors were blue-purple and red. It leaped at me, and managed to come down outside its fence and started trying to track me. I was flying lower by then and was having trouble getting much altitude.

I came to some structure that was basically a miniature rectangular metal building similar to the Eiffel Tower in construction. I was trying to do something with the string/strap and somehow got it entangled with some fence or miniature telephone wires and it became, with the wires, wrapped several times, at different heights, around the building. The T. rex caught up with me and I managed to pull it part way up the building with the string, but it was too entangled with the string and the wires, and pulling on the string eventually caused the string and wires to pull it tight against the building. Finally I abandoned it, apparently breaking the string and taking the camera with me.

I flew on and found an open area and landed. It was desert, sand scattered with various cacti and other desert plants. As I went along, walking, the desert area gradually became part of a very large room in a building. There were various small appliances and other things, including large tables with chairs. I saw a small refrigerator/freezer with an old-fashioned look. It was perhaps three or four feet high and the doors, one on top for a small freezer and another, larger door below it for the refrigerator section, had a somewhat rounded appearance. I opened both of the refrigerator doors, in an attempt to confuse the T. rex when it arrived. I did after a while see it looking around the open doors with a somewhat malicious, interested, hungry look. It still seemed to be looking in my general direction, though, and not in the refrigerator.

Some people started to fill the room and sit at the tables. They were generally very young people, sometimes even grade-school age. I had the feeling that they were the product of genetic experiments trying to make very smart, very psychic children. They were looking around and seemed to be aware that I was there, or that someone was there, even if they couldn't quite see me, though some may have been able to. One of them asked who the guest was today, like this was something normal, like they normally got a different invisible guest every day.

I woke up shortly after that. I was sleeping sitting up in front of the computer, listening to Art Bell on the radio. The news had come on at 3:00 AM, between segments of the replay of the show. I apparently fell asleep around 15 or 20 minutes till 3:00, perhaps even 25 till. It was very early Monday morning.

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