Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dream - The cat in outer space

On April 28, 2009, early in the morning, I had a dream about being a cat in outer space, though earlier I was just observing the cat, and earlier we weren't in outer space.

In the dream, I was in a barren landscape, mostly dirt, though with occasional low vegetation. Two houses were there, separated by some distance. The houses were relatively small, and had small rooms. It was dark.

I spent most of the time at the first house. The second house sometimes had a giant strong figure there, maybe seven or eight feet high, dressed in a dark tight-fitting leather-like suit. He was dangerous, and sometimes even came toward the first house, though I'm not sure he ever got in. The first house had a few simple things in it and was relatively uncluttered, but the second house had very cluttered rooms that seemed to be partly unfinished, with some of the door frames and window sills just raw unpainted wood. It was solidly built, though. I went to the second house sometimes, but had to watch out for the giant because he sometimes showed up.

At some point later in the dream I went over to the second house again and went inside. It was one of the times the giant man was away. I'm not sure now why I went over, whether I had to get something or return something or just wanted to check on things, but I felt I needed to do it. A large, heavy-duty cat went in with me, and I watched it going deeper into the house, down a hallway from room to cluttered room.

The giant man came back, then, and was mad and roaring. The cat tried to get away, going deeper into the house. In the next to the last room that was reached, there was another cat, more normal sized. It was trying to hide up on some shelves, past a sloping pile of random items. The large cat went a little further, going through a glassless window into the next room, which was much smaller, maybe half the size, and even more cluttered, with a ramp of things hiding the floor and going most of the way up the wall that was away from the window. The large cat went partway up the ramp of things and then lay there, flat on its stomach, arms stretched out in front of it, claws out, trapped in the room, looking back at the giant. I became the large cat, then, and came back to the window and perched on the sill. The giant man, who had paused for a moment in the doorway, still making a roaring sound, came in after the cats, concentrating on me. I went along the dividing wall and burrowed into the clutter, making my way toward the outside wall. Low in the outside wall I found what seemed to be a covered hole, and made my way through what felt like layers of thin sections of wood or cardboard and reached the outside.

Outside I was in outer space, and wearing a dark close-fitting padded suit made in big sections and that only partially covered me, and I was sometimes floating in space and sometimes briefly on the very small artificial planet the house now rested on. The planet was so small that a very sharp curvature could be seen even from the surface. The giant man came after me in his own very dark close-fitting space suit with a tether line on it, looking mad like he normally did. I had a tether line, too, but it was short and didn't connect to anything. Though he tried clumsily to reach me, moving around in space was awkward and slow, more for him than for me, and he never got very close to me.

The dream was much longer in the beginning, and we weren't originally on a small world in outer space, though it's possible it might have been a medium size world. It might have even been Earth, though the surroundings were still somewhat strange. It's possible my grandmother may have been in it, too, early in the dream, and it seems like there was a house, maybe the first one, that felt like a modified version of one of hers, either the one in Missouri or Arizona or both.

The dream reminds me of one maybe a year before of being on a planet in another star system, and going out into space from there. I went much farther in the other dream, though, even going from one star system to another.

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