Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dream - Being Aquaman and spinning around

Long ago, probably around 1965, I dreamed about being Aquaman, a comic book superhero who could breathe under water and talk to the sea creatures. As Aquaman, I was in a river heading down to the sea, laying on my back, facing up with my arms and legs out, spinning around like a propeller. I was able to go very fast this way, going at right angles to the axis of the spin, like a Frisbee.

Eventually, before I reached the sea, I got tired and spun slower and slower and finally pretty much stopped. I tried to start up again, and though I got to turning slowly a few times, I couldn't really get going again, I was too tired.

I think someone else was nearby, though not too nearby, someone who I was trying to get away from but also sometimes trying to get. I guess it's possible I was just competing with him in some way, but I have a strong impression he was an enemy, and dangerous. There were also others involved in the search for me, some out looking and some in faraway buildings, sometimes in other states, supervising.

A lot more happened earlier in the dream, before I started spinning. I remember walking through a big marshy area toward the river, in a hurry. Behind me and to my right was a distant building, large and squarish in shape, perhaps two or three stories. Some people in the building were trying to locate me, and I had to get away. I'm not sure what happened before that.

There was also a time in the dream before I was Aquaman, and it seemed to have something to do with Missouri. We lived there when I was very young and moved back for a while in late 1965, leaving again in the summer of 1966. I was in Missouri when I had the dream.

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