Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dream - Pizza-size pancakes, transparent figures in the sky

On Sunday, July 24, 2007, sometime during the day, I had a dream about pizza-size pancakes being delivered, and then seeing transparent figures in the sky.

In the dream, I was at the radiator shop. Unlike in real life, a tall, maybe 10 foot high, flat, green, metal fence was in the back, almost screen-like. I'm not sure what the timeframe was. It might have been in the late 1970s or early 1980s.

A Michel's Supply truck came and parked in the dirt and gravel parking lot in the front, somewhat to the left side, as determined when facing out toward the street. It was at a slight angle, with the back of the truck toward the shop. A man with a beard tried to unload a large, steaming hot box of pizza-sized pancakes (he had heated them up in the truck). He had the box in a two-wheeled dolly, and turned toward the shop and started going across the lot to take it inside. A second box was in the truck, apparently to be unloaded next. Other people were up in the truck bed, working, moving boxes, apparently ones for other places.

I was hungry and the pancakes looked inviting, but I tried to explain that I didn't order them. He wanted to give them to me anyway. We argued about it for a while, standing in the parking lot between the truck and the shop. He went back to the truck, then, leaving the dolly with the box of pancakes, and came back with a small book of invoices, which he held out and showed to me. They had my signature on them, but none of them were for the pancakes and none of them were recent. He finally turned the dolly with the pancakes around to take them back, but turned his head back to me with a somewhat sardonic look and asked when I was going to pay the previous bills. I wasn't sure how much cash I had on me, maybe none, and I didn't think I had much money in the checking account, maybe not enough to cover other things I had to pay, and I looked away and kind of nonchalantly said something like, "Oh, sometime..."

After a while I went out into the street. It was getting toward night. I looked up and saw some dark clouds and thought that if I concentrated I could fly up to them and through them, to somewhere else. I tried, and after a little while managed to fly up to them, but they changed to a mass of small, heavy-outlined transparent figures turned this way and that, seeming to be caught in the act of running.

I went through them and found myself in a restaurant. It had some people, but not a large number. I was in a booth near a window with someone, perhaps my father. Other people were there that I knew, in other booths or standing in various places.

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