Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dream - The man whose head opened on a hinge and whose brain fell out

Long ago, probably around 1962-64, I had a dream about a man whose head opened on a hinge and whose brain fell out. I would have been around 9 to 11 years old. It could have been slightly earlier, but not much.

In the dream, there was a house with large and numerous windows. It was night and the house was lit up inside and filled with people. I think a party of some kind might have been going on. I believe I was originally inside the house, but then my consciousness or viewpoint moved outside and I saw someone looking in.

He was a slim young man with dark hair, and was perhaps ten feet from the windows at the longer side of the room, cautiously approaching them, leaning forward slightly, looking in. After a while, he walked around the corner of the house and looked in from that side, just a few feet from the windows now. He didn't seem to be dangerous, just curious about what was happening and enjoying watching it. There was a peacefulness about it, mixed with alertness, and he seemed happy.

The top of his head opened up on a hinge from the back, then, exposing his brain. Then his brain came out of his head. In some versions of the scene, which repeated itself for a while, it lifted up some and then fell out, and in other versions it sometimes hung in the air above and behind him a little, connected to the inside of his head by a bent plastic-looking gray cord.

He kept looking in the windows, his mouth open in a smile and his teeth hidden behind his lips. He seemed not to be greatly disturbed by what had happened, though it did have some effect. It bothered me, though, and I worried about it.

In real life around that time, there was some trouble with someone looking in people's windows at night, and that probably influenced the dream.

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