Friday, October 30, 2009

Dream - My brother's bed has an unseen presence, and another unseen presence is trying to take over my mind

Around August 21, 2008, in the evening, I think, I was sleeping in bed with the overhead light on. I had a dream where the room was less cluttered and my brother's bed was still there, where it had been, at a right angle to mine. I was in my bed in the dream, and the light in the room was dim and pale, yellow-orangish and thin.

Sometimes it seemed like someone was there in my brother's bed, but usually it didn't. Usually the bed was empty, though it sometimes seemed like a presence was somehow associated with it, almost like the presence was somehow back by or in the wall.

I was in bed and kept looking toward the other bed and toward the hallway. Sometimes it seemed that my mother was outside in the hallway somewhere or in one of the other rooms, maybe even the living room or kitchen, or at least her presence was. Sometimes I think I could hear a dim sound from her, a faint distant voice, saying something.

There was also another presence, ominous and frightening, somewhere high up, toward the ceiling in the direction of the closet and doorway, but spread out, diffuse. I had somehow gotten its attention by some thought I had that specifically referenced it in some way. Now I tried to reject it, to disavow the thought and think and concentrate on other things, talking to the mostly empty other bed, to the presence there that was apparently my brother, talking sometimes by voice and sometimes in my head.

I was afraid, though, somehow knew though, that this wasn't going to be enough. The diffuse presence above and to the front of the room waited, barely being kept away, waiting for a chance to get closer, waiting for me to tire and falter, for my concentration to fade. It then would move closer, and surround me and be in me, and try to take me, and make its thoughts my thoughts, and I didn't know what would happen then. I woke up, then, and found that I had only been asleep around 15 minutes.

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