Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dream - Summoning the Grays

On Tuesday morning, April 14, 2009, I had a dream in which I tried to summon the Grays, a type of extraterrestrial alien, or perhaps a hyperdimensional one, thought by many to be real.

I was sitting at my computer at home and fell asleep, and dreamed I was driving. Someone was with me. I put the person in a different car as I went along, for safety. Then as a curve came up I was too tired, it was too much trouble to turn, too hard to do it, and part of the car went off the edge. There was a drop off below. Somehow I was on the passenger side looking down at it. I just let it happen and went sailing off the road. I went to the side in the car, sailing over the ground far below, maybe sixty feet or more down. I was higher, then, maybe over a hundred feet. The ground below was barren and mostly level, pale dirt and short yellow grass, slight rolls and curves with occasional small hills sticking out sharply, sometimes ending in a small flat area of just dirt, like the top of the hill had been scraped off.

Then I was in an office, I think in a multi-story building. I had been left there by someone, a woman I think, who had gone to get someone else, someone who I was supposed to see. I'm not sure now whether I had an appointment or came by myself or was just brought there.

The hall outside had low, inexpensive carpet, and the door was cheap and hollow, with thin paneling covering it. The walls had thin fake wood panels, simulating boards, with dark recessed lines simulating the space between the boards. The office also had low, cheap carpet. Perhaps ten feet away from the door was a large, inexpensive desk, covered with stuff. As I stood there, facing the door, perhaps three feet from it and a little to the left of it, about eight or ten feet to my left were large windows, almost floor to ceiling, completely covered by long pale curtains. I'm not sure of the time, but it seemed to be late, or possibly on a weekend. The building seemed almost deserted.

Realizing, I think, that I was in a dream, and needing to do something to pass the time while waiting, I decided to see if I could call up the Grays, the extraterrestrial aliens with small skinny bodies and oversized heads with big black eyes. It seemed to be a good time for that.

I concentrated and a small shadowy figure started to appear, dark gray and vague and transparent against the paneling, only a couple of feet high. I concentrated and it grew in size, stretching upward, becoming slightly less transparent, looking at me with more awareness and interest. I became scared and stopped and turned away to the left, but then decided that this was what I had been wanting, contact, and this was what happened during it, and I had to somehow get through it.

I turned back and concentrated on it again, and again it appeared, a vague shadowy presence. Before I focused my attention on it, it appeared almost uncertain and forlorn, eyes looking about in my general direction but at about the two foot level, not up at me. As I looked at it and concentrated, though, it's eyes looked up and met mine, and its attention focused more and more intensely on me, concentrating on me as I concentrated on it. It seemed to happen almost instantly. A kind of eagerness seemed to overtake it, and it rapidly grew to around four feet tall and became more solid, though still vague and transparent. It was leaning a little toward me, growing faster on top than lower down, its eyes growing, stretching upward, becoming like cartoon eyes, tall, with even a little white underneath, the white appearing as light gray, as there was no actual white on the dark gray figure. I could feel it reaching out into me, its mind filtering across the space between us and entering mine, threads of it going into me. In spite of myself I became scared, and though I tried to suppress it, I found myself drawing back and turning away, though I thought it might still be there.

I had closed my eyes as I turned away, but I could see what looked like the paneling through them, yellowish brown, the wood grain and all, though without any breaks for boards. Sometimes blotches appeared in the middle, something like the blotches sometimes seen in old movies when the scenes are ending, though larger here, a pale thin yellow in color, joined together in the middle to form something like a massive ink blot, that kept changing, flickering, going away and coming back. I thought I was somehow psychically seeing the wall through my closed eyelids, but wondered if I really was or if I was seeing something else.

After a time I realized that I was sitting down facing away from the door, with my head partly leaning back, my face pointed toward where the wall and ceiling joined. The image I was seeing looked the same, and I realized that I couldn't be seeing the actual wall, I was seeing something else. After a while I realized that I was awake, sitting in a chair with my head leaning against the back of it, but the image went on and on. After a while I finally opened my eyes and looked at the time on the computer, then leaned back and eventually went back to sleep.

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