Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Glove

This was inspired by something that was in the news back in the 1990s, though I have also worn various work gloves myself, and sometimes gloves to keep my hands warm. Although the story is told in the first person, my gloves have almost always been large enough, so the person in the story can't really be me. Like the person in the story, though, I do sometimes worry over details.

This story is dated 1:09 AM, October 14, 2004, Arizona time (MST).


I saw a glove by the road.

I thought it might be mine, but it looked too small.

I tried it on anyway.

It was tight.

Too tight.

The fingers were too short, and it did not cover my palm.

I thought it might have my fingerprints inside it.

If it didn't, it did now.

For I did get it on.

It had some stains on it, also.

That I thought I remembered.

But it did not fit.

So I left it by the roadside.

For me to find later.



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