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My Word Imperfect entries, Part V

In June of 2007, I came across a blog called Word Imperfect, which is run by a person known as the Word Imp. At that time, the blog was normally updated every day. After quite a while when new posts were rare, the blog owner has recently resumed a new-post-every-day schedule.

Each day, the Word Imp puts up a new word and a made-up definition, and readers submit comments with their own made-up, "wacky" definitions of that word. The next day, the Word Imp reveals the real definition and chooses three finalists from the entries submitted. Readers vote (in a poll) for what they think is the best one, and the next day the Word Imp announces the winner. The only prize is the glory of being chosen.

This is the fifth group of my Word Imperfect entries. The times given are the approximate times of my posts, in Arizona time (MST), from the clock on my computer.


2:02 AM 8/2/2007

Fenks are comic book fans who are way too heavily into it.


I missed adding a definition.


4:57 AM 8/3/2007 *** winner

Orogenesis was a religious text telling the story of the Garden of Eden from the viewpoint of the snake. It was one of the books excluded from the Bible, and now survives only in the form of extensive quotations in other documents.

My entry for orogenesis was chosen as one of the three finalists. It's allowable there to vote for yourself, and I did. And I won.

The vote count the last time I checked it:

11:56 PM 8/4/2007

Choose a winner for orogenesis
stephen 47.37%
realityjunkie 36.84%
sprite 15.79%

Total votes : 19

Word Imp:
Orogenesis is quite important. It's the process by which mountains are made. Presumably out of mole hills. Could be a useful word in an argument. Lots of word imps joined in with their invented meanings, but the winner on the poll - and one that impressed me a lot - was written by Stephen. Great work, Stephen.

The Last Seven Winners
Gypsy Queen
Alina Escalante


12:14 AM 8/5/2007

A quantivalence is the mass of ruffles worn around the neck of some men in the late middle ages, making it appear that they had no neck at all and that they had somehow gotten themselves caught in the middle of a large, dainty wheel.


11:46 AM 8/5/2007

Postiche is "going postal" on a very small scale. Some possible examples would be stamping one's foot, holding one's breath, and refusing to eat one's veggies.

11:56 AM 8/5/2007

Also, thank you Word Imp for nominating me for my definition of orogenesis and for liking it so much, and thanks also to everyone who voted for me. And thanks also, everyone, for past nominations (and sometimes wins). Though I didn't say anything at the time, I did appreciate it.


9:46 PM 8/6/2007

Theorbo is the worship of orbs, the floating balls of light sometimes seen by people.


6:21 PM 8/7/2007

Radix stands for Radically Inspired eXperiment, and is a term in common use among improvisational jazz musicians.


12:25 AM 8/9/2007

A scaramouch is a type of moth with a pattern on its wings resembling a menacing face.


2:00 AM 8/9/2007

Estovers are estuaries that have dried up.


7:30 AM 8/10/2007

A grimalkin is a devoted fan of Grimm's Fairy Tales. Grimalkins frequently amass huge collections of memorabilia, including various editions and interpretations, recordings of TV and movie adaptations, toys and figurines, etc., and blame it on having been put under a spell.


3:36 PM 8/12/2007

A solidungular is a person who designs and builds open-air prisons, such walled or fenced enclosures. The word literally means sun-dungeon-maker, and originally applied to people who made prisons that were deep outdoor pits that were open at the top.


12:23 AM 8/14/2007 [too late for the poll]

Lampion was a nonsense song popular in the 1940's. It switched the beginning and ending of words and then slurred the result, making for intriguing but entirely incomprehensible lyrics.


2:50 AM 8/14/2007

A rivage is a legal document detailing water rights to a river. Normally, the document describes how some person, corporation, or government entity can take so many cubic feet per minute at such-and-such time of the year, but it can also simply state that certain people or farms can have access to the water.


11:36 PM 8/15/2007 *** finalist

A discobolus is the welt produced by being struck by a Frisbee or other such flying disc.

My entry for discobolus was chosen as one of the three finalists. It's allowable there to vote for yourself, and I did. I didn't win, though.

The vote count the last time I checked it:

Choose a winner for discobolus
stephen 100%
judi 0%
duckman 0%

Total votes : 2


10:58 AM 8/16/2007

Concettism is the tendency of some types of sea shells to form conch-like spirals.

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