Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dream - Attacked by a giant Phillip from Guiding Light

On Sunday morning, March 29, 2009, I had a dream in which I was attacked by a giant Phillip from the Guiding Light TV show.

In the dream, I was in a largish one story house with some other people. A lot had already happened, but I've forgotten most of it. It seems, though, that I had gone there from somewhere else, that I had been at home earlier, and was sent there by someone, and that the family, or at least part of them, was also going to go there. It was just a temporary visit, on the way to something else, perhaps a picnic nearby, perhaps with some of the people in the house.

I did meet with some of the people in the house, and I think a few family members also showed up. I think I might have also left and returned a few times, or possibly the dream replayed the house part, with variations.

At some point, I saw that Phillip from the Guiding Light soap opera TV show had come back, after being gone for a long time, maybe years, and was talking to some of the people there. He seemed friendly, in a kind of grim-humored way. He was dangerous, though. Someone had earlier warned me about him, though it seems to have been done retroactively. I was looking at him from a little distance away, sometimes in another part of the house and sometimes maybe from outside. He may have been outside initially, too.

I saw him in another part of the house, as though I could see through walls, as he ripped the top off a double-size tall spinach can and was reaching in and eating it. He was still grinning as he ate it, and still talking to people, though perhaps more listening than talking at this point. Because of eating the spinach, he began to grow, and he got big, giant, maybe seven or eight feet tall, but proportioned normally. I ran, hoping to find some spinach myself, maybe at home, but there wasn't time.

I went to an old wooden house. It had a simple, small sliding bolt to latch the door, which had a big gap when it closed. Some panels in the door were partly broken away, too.

Phillip ambled after me, like he had all the time in the world. He was talking to me conversationally, seeming to be somewhat amused by me. He was mad at me for some reason, about something that had happened before. He was mad even before the spinach was eaten, which caused him to get much stronger and bigger, though also crazier. He looked pretty crazy while he was eating it, though, with a big smile of triumph and power. I think he was going to get my father after he was finished with me.

He was lowering his gigantic head, looking in through the openings in the door and wall as he talked, sometimes hitting the door a little, experimentally. I got a pale translucent plastic bottle, maybe 3/4 gallon, of muratic acid. It was mostly empty, but a little was left. I was afraid it wouldn't be enough.

I turned and sprayed his face with it through the opening. He yelled loudly, "AHHHHHH!!!! AHHHHHH!!!" lowering his head, putting his heads to his face, moving his head and upper body up and down. I continued to pump the trigger, continued to spray him, getting some on his neck and shoulders as well as his head, soaking him.

Finally he stopped and said, "You know, it doesn't matter," and calmly pushed his way in, his head way down low so it was probably at my chest level. His head was huge. He was calmly talking to me. I continued to try to spray him. He was right in front of me, it was extremely intimidating. I was backing away and he was slowly coming forward. He seemed to be starting to have a little trouble getting air, like the acid was starting to cause some damage. I started to weakly, fearfully, push the nozzle in his nostril and spray again, first on his right side and then the left and then back. He said, "It doesn't matter, I've got a little bit of an opening left," indicating his right nostril, and sniffed a few times, saying, "Oh. Oh. That's it," drawing some of the liquid in.

We somehow got outside, through the back I think. The house wasn't really very deep and I think part of the back walls had fallen off. We got back around to the front, maybe 50 to 100 feet in front of the house. The whole area was covered with short uneven grass, and there were a few long clothes lines, metal wire I think, strung between two metal poles.

I had found a heavy wooden pole, like a heavy closet pole maybe six feet long, and kept trying to it him with it. He kept talking to me, essentially taunting me and rubbing it in, and putting up his arms and the edges of his hands. It was like hitting a metal ridge when I hit his forearms, even making a hard tapping sound. I think I may have managed to hit his head once or twice. He was starting to look a little frazzled. I hoped the acid would work soon and that he would collapse within the next few minutes, though I wasn't sure I had that long. The only reason he hadn't won yet was because he had just been toying with me, otherwise it would have been over right away. He was still talking and I kept swinging at him and he kept raising his arms and blocking it, still bent over so that he was down to my level or lower, though sometimes he raised up to where he was nearly straight.

He was looking past me now, to the left of me, saying that he had to go to town and get my father in a few minutes, meaning that he was going to beat him up, probably kill him, like he was going to beat up and probably kill me, and meaning that he was going to finish with me soon. I hoped the acid would get him first, but it didn't look good.

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