Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dream - Being Batman

On Saturday, April 26, 2008, I had a dream about crooked cops, and changing to Batman to fight them.

In the dream, I drove around, in Arizona going toward Nevada. I was stopped by cops, or perhaps some other people, who were checking for something. It seemed some kind of road work was going on. There was a small, narrow, raised strip to drive over.

There was a cop in a booth, but he was not paying much attention. I could have gone on, but I stopped anyway. The cop seemed bored and somewhat amused. He finally said I had to take the car over to someplace else. I may have started to drive it, but I ended up carrying it, a new 1996 Oldsmobile, dark gray-blue. The cop seemed amused.

More people joined us. The situation became more suspicious, but I kept going along with it. I finally got to a building where I was to store the car, possibly for weeks or longer.

I felt that something was wrong, that something would happen to the car, that they planned to take it. They turned much more threatening. It seemed that I might not make it out alive now. I think they were initially planning to let me go, but I had been asking too many questions, been too persistent about it.

I was back in the car now. I was worried that the new car would be damaged. I also worried that it would be taken apart and sold. The cop was in the back seat with a gun. Others were outside.

Suddenly I fought back, becoming in the process or being replaced by Batman. I pulled the guy in back over the seat, possibly into the dashboard, possibly into the window. I think I also hit him with the armored side of my glove. I pulled a person at the side window through the partly open window into the car, breaking the glass. I then drove the car slowly forward, apparently to hit another person and confuse or get out of the way of others with guns. I hit a car in front, intentionally. It was part of a big parking lot of cars, maybe junked or maybe just parked. The hood of the car was badly dented in the collision.

I watched, as Batman, with grim amusement. It doesn't seem important at all, let the insurance company pay for it.

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