Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dream - Tomorrowland

On Wednesday morning, April 23, 2008, I had a dream about seeing a place called Tomorrow or Tomorrowland, and then getting robbed, or at least I initially thought I was.

In the dream, I was driving. It was dark, and I was going to Nevada, or already there and somewhere out in the Reno-Carson City-Fernley area or something like that.

Then it was daylight, and I was going toward Fallon from the direction of work, but I thought of it in the dream as a small unnamed town. I was going too fast and the speed limit dropped abruptly. There was a person on a bicycle nearby. A cop was parked facing the road not far in front of me. I braked sharply and got below 25 mph, but the speed kept creeping upward and got up to 30 a time or two. It was worrisome, but the cop didn't do anything.

I parked somewhere in town and walked around. A person who was my lab partner was there. Maybe he came with me. He was going to work there again for a while. I was, too. I guess he was going to work for however long he was there.

I left him at a building with some other people for a while and walked around. I thought I would have to find a place to stay again for the time I was there. I didn't want to have to stay in a place with other people again and wondered if I would find a separate place on the other side of the main road. Both places I had in mind were places from other dreams.

I wandered back to try to find my former lab partner. He was still at the building or had returned to it, still with some other people. I think he had gone off with them for a while.

There was a nearby building, two or three story, that was made of dark brick-like blocks. I thought I saw something along the side of it, a way up. We started walking along by it, looking. There was just a faint representation of a stairway on the wall, though, like something carved in relief, though initially it had seemed like more. I believe it was faintly labeled "tomorrow." We couldn't get up that way. I turned and looked at him, uncertainly.

We went back around the front and went inside. It seemed he was only going to stay a couple of weeks. I thought maybe I could just rent a room for that time, maybe even in this building, which was apparently at least in part a hotel, also part a restaurant and part something else.

We went along one side of the inside. A lot of other people were there. There was some exhibit, perhaps upstairs, called Tomorrow or Tomorrowland or something like that.

We were going to visit it, but then a woman came and said somebody had attacked her and shoved her out of a line and against a wall. It had apparently happened some time ago, perhaps weeks ago. She was looking for the man, trying to find him. It wasn't clear what she intended to do with him, but it seemed that she wanted to get him into some kind of trouble.

She peered closely in my direction, briefly looking at me and then was satisfied that it wasn't me, which was a bit of a relief because I knew I wasn't the one. She talked mostly to my lab partner.

We didn't go toward the Tomorrow section then, and went somewhere else in the building. A long line of people wrapped around the inside, going from the back toward the front. We were waiting to get into the restaurant section now, probably in line with the others. I was wearing a long, light gray lightweight coat, almost like a trench coat but simpler and plainer.

Someone went past me and bumped into me hard and struggled for a moment to get past, then did and ended up going partly the other way, toward the side and back, heading out of the building in that direction.

I suddenly felt for my billfold and couldn't find it. I cried out that he had stolen my wallet, that man had stolen my wallet. I made some halfhearted, uncertain attempts to go after him. I was uncertain I could even catch him now. I kept feeling for my wallet. I couldn't understand how he had even gotten it because I had such a long coat on, and I finally felt it there, still in my back pocket. It was so thin that I had missed it before. Usually it was a lot thicker, having lots of cash and various papers. Now it seemed almost empty.

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