Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dream - My grandmother is younger and admires herself in the mirror

In mid December 2005, I had a dream in which my grandmother, looking much younger, came to visit and admired herself in the mirror, then light bulbs started burning out.

In the dream, my grandmother, who died in late 1984, suddenly arrived at my house without explanation. She looked decades younger, and stood straight and had mostly dark hair. My mother insisted that my grandmother, her mother, would leave by tomorrow.

At some point, my grandmother went into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror, which is very large and very wide, and admired herself. She now had dark hair with red tints. The hair became much longer, perhaps a couple of feet long, and she took the end of it and held it with one hand, admiring it in the mirror and smiling. I stood nearby, in the hallway I think, watching. I think my mother was sometimes to my right, and sometimes in the kitchen or living room.

All of a sudden light bulbs started burning out, lots of them, and it was getting dark inside. It was late in the day and would probably get dark outside soon. I searched for more bulbs in a long, wide shelf in the kitchen cupboard, but all I found was plastic pipe fittings and joints and decorative bulbs and fixtures.

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