Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dream - Low purple clouds and mutant creatures

Long ago, perhaps in the mid to late 1970s, I had a dream of very low purple clouds, perhaps low enough to touch, with heavy black outlines. The sky was covered with them, but light still came through somehow, either through them or through breaks in them. The clouds seemed unnatural. It was very ominous and worrisome.

Sometimes I went out and looked at them, and sometimes I looked at them from inside, through the windows of my house. My mother was there, and sometimes I talked to her about them while I looked out the window. Other things also went on in the dream, though I don't remember what now, but I kept worrying about the clouds and going to check on them.

Later on I walked down a sidewalk, a little tensely, heading east, still worrying about the clouds. It seemed to be somewhere around the middle of the day, perhaps the middle of the afternoon. The clouds were a little higher when I started out, and got much higher for much of the time, becoming a purplish gray overcast.

I'm not sure what destination I had in mind, or if I really had one. A few possibilities did go through my mind, places I might go or should go, but I wasn't really heading for them, just going in their general direction.

One of the things I should do was see my father, who was at work several miles away to the southeast. In some versions of the scene I think I did contact him or even go to him, but in other versions I didn't. He was expected to come home later that day, but I felt it was important to contact him first, to warn him about the clouds. I did come to feel that he knew about the situation, that he had been told somehow by someone, but I still worried. I also came to see in my mind, several times, him driving home, sometimes not far away now, with someone with him, perhaps my mother or perhaps someone else. It was later in the afternoon, though, when that happened, almost like I was temporarily ahead in time. It's possible, too, that the part about my father was actually part of a different dream, one that I had a decade or two later, but it's hard to know for sure now.

I continued to walk along the sidewalk, heading east. The clouds were lower now, though still high, and it was no later than the middle of the afternoon.

Strange, mutant creatures began to follow me, generally from a distance. Sometimes I walked by some of them, too, and sometimes I saw some a hundred feet or so away off to the side.

The earlier ones tended to be more human in appearance, though rather brutish, like ogres or even cavemen. The very first ones were probably bald, though with a slight stubble of hair on their heads and faces. A little later some of them had mops of dark hair, and sometimes hair like what might be produced by putting a bowl over their heads and cutting off everything under it. As time went on, stranger and stranger ones showed up.

There were not large numbers of them, and they tended to be in ones or twos or threes. The numbers increased over time, and I started to see large groups of them, standing in broad lines facing toward me. They generally had frowns on their faces and sometimes slight smiles. They seemed to have an interest in me, though a mild and somewhat confused one, like they weren't sure yet what to do. I felt that they were directed by someone, though, someone far away. Someone who had sent them after me, but who had not yet told them what to do when they found me.

As I walked, I came increasingly into a more developed area, part of a town. After a while, I was walking along a line of extremely strange and warped looking creatures. They seemed to radiate a kind of vague, amused malevolence. The clouds were much lower now, not far overhead.

I eventually came to a low, dark building, perhaps a restaurant, facing me on a cross street. I went in. Looking outside, I saw lots of the bizarre creatures gathering together on the sidewalk, forming a long line that was sometimes two or three creatures deep. They were not overly tall, tending to be mostly somewhere in the three to five foot area, though an occasional one was taller. Some of them had big shoulders and short necks, sometimes no necks at all. Some of them had very long arms, frequently with short legs. Many of them had very wide mouths, cartoonishly wide. They murmured among themselves, making strange growly sounds. Some of them were looking toward the building, and some were even looking vaguely in my direction, though generally in an unfocused way. They milled around out there, waiting, growing in numbers. It was scary.

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