Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Knight and his Knickers

This is a story that I did for a message board, on a thread normally concerned with comically constructing new words and definitions. They were at that time doing exercises where a user gave a short list of words and other users then wrote a story containing those words. The story is changed slightly here in that it is broken up into several paragraphs instead of being contained in just one, and has undergone some slight editing.

This is another of my stories from my post number 1000 for that message board, one of a group included in that post. The list of words for this story: kiwi, knight, key, kite, knickers.

This story is dated 9:23 PM, December 1, 2006, Arizona time (MST).


The knight had finally found the key to his knickers, when he got caught up in the string from a kite and carried high in the air.

He was carried into a storm cloud, where a bolt of lightning hit him, dislodging him from the string. His glowing form fell to Earth, leaving a trail of smoke in the air.

He landed on top of a cage containing a shipment of kiwi birds, bounced off, hit a haystack, and then rolled for several feet before finally stopping. He lay there for a while, his armor slowly losing its glow and cooling off.

Finally, he sat up and took the key, which he had saved through the lightning strike and everything, and prepared to use it but then stopped in frustration.

"Drat the luck," he said, "my knickers are welded shut."

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