Monday, March 16, 2009

Dream - The hidden town and the TV Superman

On Sunday morning, November 9, 2008, I had a dream about the TV Superman of the 1950s, George Reeves.

In the dream, I was in a broad grassy valley or plains area, perhaps in Nevada, perhaps in a state to the east, maybe even Colorado. It was someplace I had been in other dreams, though I'm not sure I knew it then. At some point I had to go up a mountain. It was something I had been concerned about earlier in the dream, that somebody would have to do it. A steep path led straight up the mountain. The path wasn't rocky, just very uneven, dirt with humped areas, in places covered with long grass partly laying down. In real life it would have been impossible to drive, as it was something like a 60 degree slope in places. In the dream I think I made it at least part way up in the car, though near the end I went on foot, leaning forward and holding on to the mountain with my hands.

At the top there was a gateway or opening into a small city. The city seemed old fashioned, almost medieval. They seemed to have a lot of pageants going on. I had gone up there with someone with me. We were met at the top by some people and shown around. It was a whole different world up there, dim and a little wet and misty, and seemed to be covered by and surrounded by clouds, hiding it. We were eventually taken to a place to eat. At some point George Reeves, the TV Superman, showed up. He had a big smile and seemed very happy. I think he had some part in the plays. I think he may have even been wearing the Superman suit, though I'm not sure about this. It seems I was actually him for a while, though I switched back. It seems also that he was in black and white, though the rest of the dream had some color.

It was time after a while to go back down. George Reeves was also going down on one of his periodic trips. We went toward the exit to the outer world, and I saw that now it had tall thin pillars by it with an iron fence on either side with the top sloping up very high as it approached and joined the pillars. A carriage being drawn by two white horses was going toward it, and I think it was supposed to be George Reeves' and maybe our method of transport. Something changed, though, and the horses weren't used. Either the carriage went on without them or a car was used instead. He went first and I went over almost immediately afterward. The way down was different than it had been. It was paved now, with brick I think, and had different levels, where it would slope steeply but not so steeply as before and then drop sharply for a few feet and then another stretch of steep slope and then another sharp drop, etc. It had low walls on each side, of concrete I think, maybe two or three feet high, and beyond that, a jumble of scattered things on the mountain, various artifacts, little statues and short pillars and maybe small tables and more.

It seemed that his car had quickly gone to the left and over the low wall. I scrambled down to it, calling out to the others back up at the top. I was trying to find him, to see if he was alright. The car seemed gray and very hazy, almost ghost-like. He didn't seem to be there. I worried that he was hurt. I looked back at the path going down the mountain. It had various obstructions in it, small statues and tables, etc., looking something like a pinball machine. I worried that he had fallen and had bounced off of some of them and had gotten hurt. I continued down, trying to find him. I felt that he had gone this way.

After a little while, the path widened and the slope became more gentle, with widely spaced little round tables with central bases, some with white carved human legs or feet sticking out of the sides or at the bottom. It led toward an even wider area that was made of shiny dark brown material, probably tile or brick, and became the floor of a large room, gently sloping. The room was filled with widely spaced little round tables with central pillars and little carved white human legs sticking out at the bottom. They probably had a couple of chairs per table, too, though the other area may also have had that. The tables in this area were much more uniform in appearance, though.

He wasn't here either, but I partly sensed and was partly told by the others that he had gone into the room and then off to the right. The room narrowed in that direction, sloping from the sides in partial steps, like the road had done going down, toward a somewhat complicated wall, like overlapping rectangular painted wood plates with frames around them like 2 x 2 boards, and that he had gotten through it somehow, through some hidden opening or maybe even physically passing through the material at a special place in a special way, and passed through into another dimension, to the world on the other side. It was something he had done before, some kind of periodic business trip.

I thought of maybe trying to follow him, but I wasn't sure how he did it and there also was the matter of the others. Some or most of them were relatives who had also come down but were a ways behind me, back on the sloping road at different places but not too far away. Going back, I came to a place where one of them was, a girl in her early teens, at a place just past the low concrete wall that marked the edge of the road. There were some things in that area, various things clustered fairly close together.

My mother was on the other side of the road and some distance away, I knew, because she had called out to me when I was earlier shouting out asking where everyone was. We talked back and forth a little bit now, loudly calling out our answers. There was also someone else much further up the road, but I'm not sure who right now. There was also a car somewhere. Perhaps the girl was even in the passenger side of it, or was sitting outside but just beside it. A lot happened, especially earlier, that I don't remember.

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