Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dream - A man is served a meal by a mysterious figure, in preparation for a mission on another world

On the morning of August 28, 2008, I had a dream that started out fairly normally, in that it involved driving, something I once did a lot of. It soon changed, though, to something much stranger.

In the dream I was driving on a divided road, seemingly somewhere in the Wickenburg area and past it. My brother was with me in a different car. We might have been competing in some way.

Later I was a giant figure, moving the cars by hand like they were toy cars. Later on I was walking and normal size, though it seems I was also controlling the cars, at least for a while.

Walking, I came to someone who was being given a meal by the road, not a last meal apparently, but a special one-time thing, apparently from God. Various dishes were presented on small, saucer-like plates. They were being served to the man by arms that faded to an indistinct body that faded out before the legs were reached. The food included biscuits and many different kinds of cooked vegetables, and other things as well. I noticed in particular a plate of creamed peas and a plate of corn, perhaps a little creamed also but not much.

The food was supposed to be exact, perfect recreations of things served many decades ago by someone, I think maybe my grandmother on my mother's side. She herself, my grandmother, was coming from maybe ten or fifteen feet down the road, having seemingly materialized there, apparently as a reassurance that the dishes were in fact genuine. She never actually reached where they were being served, at least not that I saw. She seemed to always be in the process of walking there.

Though the meal was not exactly a last meal, it had the feeling of finality about it, and seemed to be a reward or inducement, perhaps even the promise of a future reward, a showing that the promise could be kept. The man was to be required then, or was being recruited to, perform a duty that involved going to a world that was faded of color, drained of it, where the people there and the reality there were more shadowy things than the reality here, but that reality was nevertheless real to them and had its own rules that it followed.

The meal apparently ended early for some reason, and the dishes that were being held out were put down and the man stood up, apparently having actually eaten only a little of it. The time had come, seemingly a little earlier than expected, for his mission to begin.

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