Monday, March 16, 2009

A vision of small Gray head swooping toward me

Around July 3, 2007, I was sitting at the computer and closed my eyes to try and go to sleep for a while, and immediately saw a tiny head in the distance ahead of me and slightly to one side. It seemed to be the head of a Gray-type entity, the ones commonly assumed to be extraterrestrial aliens. It rapidly moved toward me, enlarging as it came, though it always remained small. As it approached it became clearer and its appearance was also shifting, becoming somewhat different. It remained approximately the same color (which I think might have been light blue instead of gray), but the shape was almost the reverse of the standard Gray alien shape. It had a very small, rounded head with bulging cheeks. Its eyes were like shiny plastic, and ran around to the sides of its face. The eyes were straight on top and rounded on the bottom, giving the Gray a slightly angry look. The eyes also had thick, black rims around them, like goggles.

Oddly, although it felt at the beginning to be far away, it also actually seemed to be only four or five feet away for some reason, only actually getting a foot or two closer to me as it swooped toward me. It was almost like it was more a representation of distance than actual distance. Or perhaps the distance was not a physical one.

This was not a dream, at least not in the traditional sense. It was more like a vision. I wasn't sleeping when it happened, and I didn't try to sleep for a while after it happened.

At the time, the face reminded me somewhat of a gerbil or hamster with its cheeks stuffed with food, just because of the bulging cheeks, not for any other reason. After thinking about it some more, it seemed to also resemble a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle a little bit, although it wasn't that exaggerated. However, I soon found something else that was startlingly reminiscent of it.

A day or two before the vision, I had gotten an issue of Discover magazine in the mail, but I hadn't read it yet. About a day after the vision, I started looking through the magazine and found a picture of a swimmer's head sticking partly out of the water. The picture was evidently taken fairly close up at a low angle, and the top of the head, covered with either the top of a wet suit or a tight cap, was a smooth light blue and appeared very small. The front of the face was exaggerated and the bottom part was apparently in the water, with a yellowish snorkel in the mouth making the bottom part of the face seem to bulge enormously. The swimmer also had enormous black-rimmed goggles on that were straight on the top and rounded, in an angular sort of way, on the bottom.

It seems likely that the vision was for some reason connected with that picture, though I don't know why. It may also be that more than one thing was represented by the vision, and the different things were combined into one image, but I don't have any real evidence for that.

The picture in question is on page 18 of the August 2007 issue of Discover magazine.

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