Monday, June 30, 2008

Dream - Leaving Earth

Back in November of 2007, a few days into the month, I had a dream about the remaining population of Earth being rescued by extraterrestrial aliens.

Most of the population of Earth had been destroyed or had somehow died off, but how this happened is unclear. There seemed to be a lot of fog or smoke, and people tended to live in pockets that might be separated from each other by vast stretches of bare dirt. Some cities, or portions of cities, still stood, but the population in them was frequently sparse, sometimes thinly spread out and sometimes in groups near the edges.

I was with a group of people that was some distance away from a city and that was somewhat distrustful of the city, and of outsiders in general. Battles had taken place with the groups of people in and near the city and with other groups farther away, battles in an earlier and largely forgotten part of the dream.

Terrible weapons and futuristic technology had been used against us, sometimes from a great distance away, but we had somehow managed to prevent our destruction. This was in part because of an invisible barrier we had placed around our area, some kind of force field, that prevented some of the weapons from reaching us. We had not been sure that it could hold, and it was weakening as the battle progressed. In the end it was still standing, somewhat to our surprise. We had agents outside working against our various enemies, but the battle ended in part simply because the enemies' major weapons were used up.

That was in the past. Now the old animosity was ending and people were coming together in a kind of peace. It was something that happened rapidly. Word reached us, and we cautiously reached out, some of us heading toward the city. Aliens had come, aliens from outer space.

The aliens knew of the disaster, and had arrived to rescue most of the remaining people. The aliens were disguised to look like humans, but under the disguise could be very much different.

More than one alien race was involved. One type looked like reptiles with protruding heads and approximately humanlike, but overly thick, bodies. Although appearing, like the others, to be human, this type was too bulky to fit in a human disguise. Some kind of illusion accounted for at least part of its appearance. Perhaps illusion was most of the disguise for all the types.

The aliens were leaving with the people in eight days. Humans were being rapidly trained in various things, apparently mostly related to the journey, rather than what might be needed after arrival. There was no time for the people to gather much to take with them. Almost everything needed or wanted would have to be recreated after they arrived on the new world. The aliens were leaving on time, and would not wait for anyone. Some other disaster (or continuation of the current one) was going to happen soon after they left that would likely wipe out the remaining people.

There was a huge, warehouse-size room with lots of desks and people who looked human (but probably weren't) sitting behind the desks and helping the people who wanted to leave fill out various forms. The people/aliens behind the desks were very quick and businesslike. Once, in that room, I saw a guard briefly change to a reptilian entity and back to human again while having an animated discussion with someone else, probably another disguised alien. There seemed to be a big rush to get everything done, at times almost a desperate rush. People who completed the forms were hurrying through turnstiles to another area, apparently to where the spaceships were. The whole left side of the long room was filled with turnstiles. There seemed to be very little time left.

I watched what was happening, still not sure whether I wanted to go or not.

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