Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dream - The underlying structure of reality

Two or three years ago I had a strange dream. I don't remember the first part, but toward the end of the dream I was flying high in the air, trying to escape some people. The feeling was of exhilaration.

I looked down toward the ground and decided to zoom in with my vision and get a closer look. I felt that I had the power, in this situation, to do this. Probably because I realized that it was a dream, and so under my control, and I could do things I normally couldn't.

So I zoomed in with my eyes and the ground rapidly expanded and became closer. I did it again and again, until I was looking at the ground from an apparent distance of inches. I decided to keep on doing it, to look closer and closer, down to the subatomic level and even smaller, if I could. I wanted to see what the ultimate structure of reality was, what was under everything.

So I kept on zooming in, over and over, getting closer and closer until finally I tried again and nothing else happened.

I was looking at white lines on a dark background. The lines were in the form of short, even lengths attached to a longer line that acted as a central axis, with a line at the end of the axis joining it to other, similar structures. The arrangement did not extend indefinitely, but was limited to a couple of collections of the patterns, one larger than the other. I think that they may have been connected to each other.

There may have been more of them at a greater distance (and I felt that there were), but if so I was concentrating on what was in front of me and did not see them.

There also seemed to be something else, boundaries of some kind, gray on gray and black on black. And some vague, dark structures. The boundaries and the structures seemed slightly more three-dimensional than the lines, which were very flat. The boundaries were also sometimes curved instead of straight, and seemed more random, though they smoothly enclosed the groups of white lines.

I looked closely at the white lines, following some of them. If I concentrated, I could look a little closer, though nothing like the zooming in that I had been doing.

The lines were very straight and they had a uniform thickness, but on close viewing I saw that the edges of the lines were slightly irregular. They had a certain roughness to them.

The overall visual impression was of something like a parking lot or a circuit board, though I didn't know the lines' purpose or what they were.

I felt, though, that I was looking at what the underlying structure of reality really was, and that I couldn't zoom in any more because I was already at maximum magnification.

If there was anything more, it was beyond my ability to see it.

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