Monday, June 30, 2008

Dream - The figure with the hat and coat

Back on June 12, 2007, I wrote a post called "The figure in the doorway." This was about a dream I had in early January 2005, in which a short, thin figure wearing a hat and trenchcoat stood in the doorway watching me. This is some additional information about that figure.

The feeling I got about the figure with the hat and coat was of interested watching with a potential for action. I guess I felt kind of like it was checking in on me. And, as I said, like it was "aware" of me on some deeper level. I didn't know what action it might take, should it decide to take action, and so there was a possibility of something being done that might be dangerous or scary, but I don't recall a feeling of evil about the entity. There was also a bit of a feeling that a kind of judgment was being passed by the entity, a judgment on me and my situation, and that the entity had great power, power enough to even alter reality if it chose, but that it would not necessarily choose to do anything.

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