Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dream - The figure that came out of the wall

I had a strange dream, or possibly something else, around 1997 or 1998.

In the dream, I was laying in bed (where I actually physically was) and a strange figure started coming through the wall beside me, but a few feet higher in the wall.

The figure was initially somewhat cloudy, but became clearer as time went on. It was also totally black and statue-like. Even the hair, which was curly, looked like something that was carved.

It was also not a complete figure, just the head and shoulders and part of the torso. The figure was not vertical, but was on its side, with the body and head pointing the same direction mine was. (I think, though, that it may have initially been more vertically oriented, but slowly twisted to the other orientation.)

It was also not initially facing me, but slowly, slowly turned in my direction. It's eyes were closed. It moved so slowly that it seemed to be partially replaying itself, like a movie extending a scene by showing almost the same shot over and over.

As it turned toward me more and more, and slowly emerged further from the wall, it very, very slowly smiled. Its eyes remained closed.

It had the face of my brother.

A feeling of absolute horror surrounded this, and a feeling of terrible danger. It also had a strange, almost hypnotic pull, like something in it was reaching out toward me, trying to draw me in.

I finally managed to wake up. I don't know why it looked like my brother, who is still alive. If anything odd was happening to him at that time, he never mentioned it, but I never asked, either. I should mention also, for clarity, that although the figure was black, we are white, so black is not a normal color for my brother. I suppose the blackness of the figure could have been related to the feeling of danger surrounding it, that the blackness was because it was evil. That still doesn't explain why it looked like my brother, who is not evil. (He has been involved with art in the past, though, which might explain the statue-like appearance.)

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