Friday, February 29, 2008

Dream - A warning from a future self

I had a dream in late 2005 in which I was overlayed by a future version of myself, along with some other entities who were along for the ride. The future self may have been me in this life, or me in a future life, or perhaps something else. I don't think it was actually from later in this life, though, because the reason I was given for his coming was that he was there to experience a significant and negative event that was going to occur in my life and that he and the others were there to witness it. That's the long version. What actually happened was that the knowledge and timing of the event were given to me, along with knowledge of who he was and what his and the other's purpose was, just as a knowing, a feeling. I could also feel it as his spirit came down over me, and I could feel the others watching.

In the dream, I was working on the front yard late at night, in the dark. The negative event mentioned above would occur when I went to a vary dark area of the side yard on the left (east) side of the house, near where the back fence begins, and work on a tall bush (or short tree) with lots of skinny narrow branches (in real life, no such plant is there). I believe the event was supposed to occur at 1:45 AM, or something like that (it's been a long time since the dream). The nature of the negative event was given to me, but I'd rather not state it here. You can use your imagination.

The event in question never occurred, at least not yet. Forewarned is forearmed. I hope.

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