Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dream - Flying with the professor

In May 2005, around the middle of the month, I had another dream about flying.

I had been flying around in the desert by and at some military area, and the military got interested. I got away, but later came back with some people to get some big black SUV that had been left there.

One of the people was a professor type who had come up with the concept of flying, and he wanted to fly back instead of driving, so he went flying off.

I flew after him, even though I was worried about the attention it might bring. Sure enough, we were tracked down by military people, who captured us after we landed. They came into the building and got us.

We were holding little metal things that looked almost like hose clamps that were made of a couple of loops of metal with two bolts at one end. They were supposed to help us fly, but they weren't really necessary. The military wanted to use them to handcuff us to some pipes.

The professor willingly went along, maybe even fastening it on the pipe himself. He looked at me and said that normally he could pass through any metal, but not this metal, of course, because it was a special metal. I think that beyond what it was made of, that it was actually enchanted. I knew, though, that even if he couldn't pass through it, he could undo the bolts with his mind.

I pretended to fasten mine around my wrist and the pipe, but I just bent the loops so that it looked like it was fastened. I thought that it was easier to bend it back and get loose that way, rather than trying to undo the bolts with my mind. The captors didn't seem to notice and left us there, though we expected someone to come back later.

Our intention was to be gone, though, before that happened.

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Blogger Herdingcats said...

Wow, you feel powerless and are trying to escape. Were you in the military? Do these people have faces?

It seems strange that they would go through all the trouble of capturing you and then neglect tying you up and making sure you don't get away. Why is that? Is it just the pursuit that turns them on, not actually stopping you?

3:30 PM, October 04, 2007  
Blogger Stephen said...

Thank you for your comment, Herdingcats.

I was never in the military, though I once worked for a military contractor.

In the dream, the people that were chasing us thought that we were securely bound to the pipe and could not get away, and so left us for a while. They did not know that we could get loose. We were not actually powerless, though they thought we were. The people chasing us were just generic military people, some officers and some not. I think they were chasing us because they wanted to find out how we were flying and also because we were near the military area.

12:56 PM, December 10, 2007  

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