Friday, February 29, 2008

Visions of other realities

Back in mid-February 2006, I was pretty exhausted and I lay down to sleep for a while. As soon as I closed my eyes, I could see an array of tiny bright shards, all about the same size but in different orientations. They all seemed to be about the same distance from me, and formed a wall that extended an indefinite distance up and to the sides. The bottom had a definite boundary, though. On the lower part of the wall of shards, a blurred line ran across, and below the line was blankness, apparently at a somewhat greater distance. If I remember correctly, I opened my eyes and then closed them again, perhaps more than once, and each time I closed them the vision of the shards came back.

Some hours later, or perhaps the next day, I woke up from a dream (I think that this had been a separate sleep period from the one just mentioned). I closed my eyes again and could immediately see a scene, but it was not from the dream that I had just been having.

In this scene, this vision, another reality seemed to be overlaid onto this one. Everything was dim and half-seen.

Close by, a strange plant, perhaps a couple of feet high, had a very large, multicolored, clothlike leaf that had a slight outward curvature. Large waves, caused by the breeze, slowly moved across it.

In the distance, I could see tall, thin, strange-looking buildings, like part of a city. Not far away were lower buildings with wide paved areas and large planters with vegetation, like some kind of plaza. This apparently extended to, and past, where I was.

In the middle distance, some people were standing apart and talking. Their voices were somewhat distant and distorted, and sounded like they were slightly speeded up. I couldn't understand what was being said.

As before, I think I opened my eyes and closed them a few times, and each time the scene came back. It seemed to be very realistic, although only partly there, like looking at a badly faded picture.

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