Friday, February 29, 2008

The palms of my hands

I have very few lines on my hands, and none form an M. The lines on my left hand extend greater distances than those on my right, but the pattern on both is similar. Basically, I have a line that runs across and then a shorter line under that. From near the beginning of the shorter line another line branches off and curves downward. At the end of the shorter line, near the upper center of the palm, another line or two curves downward, but these are very faint.

I have a small white scar on the palm of my right hand that I got from pushing on the broken end of a shovel handle decades ago. The dull point of the wood damaged the flesh of my hand, even through the heavy rubber of the glove. On the left hand, on the edge near where the thumb would rest if it was laid against the edge of the hand, I have two small scars, nearly invisible now, from a time even longer ago, from a cactus needle that became embedded under the skin and then infected (for months).

I am right handed, but when I was very young this was less certain. The teacher told my mother that I seemed to use either hand, and recommended that I be trained to use the right hand to avoid problems later on.



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