Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Write101 - The Never-Ending Story

There's something called "The Never-Ending Story" that a person named Jennifer runs. It's a story about the adventures of Dr. Morgenes. In the story, a brief introduction is given and then people are invited to add their own brief continuations to the story. Originally, it started out at her write101.com site, but a couple of years or so ago it was moved to a blog she started, and then given its own blog.

The blog version seems to be at least partially restarted, without carrying on the original story line at the point where it last left off, although she mentions briefly some of the earlier story in her explanations of it. Part of the earlier story is still available, though the blog seems to begin at the end of the first page and not the continuation page (both at write101.com), and ignores all the posts that were added at a different website (now seemingly abandoned; see below).

I've managed to put in a few contributions from time to time, part of them at the previous, now lost, location and part of them at the new location.


The write101 blog: All about writing

The current story location (the blog):
Never-Ending Story

The original story locations at write101.com (which still exist):
The Never-Ending Story
The Never-Ending Story continued

There was also another location, an outside website that was really a guestbook, that the continuation page originally linked to instead of the blog. This other location held 200 posts that continued the story. More posts actually existed, but they were lost because only 200 posts were allowed, and after that earlier ones disappeared.

This other location is apparently entirely gone, now. Trying to access it directly produced a long delay without much happening. (I have all but the earliest posts saved, though.)



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