Monday, September 10, 2007

The Word Imperfect word definition game

A while back, I came across a blog called Word Imperfect, which is run by a person known as the Word Imp. Each day, the Word Imp puts up a new word and a made-up definition, and readers submit comments with their own made-up, "wacky" definitions of that word. The next day, the Word Imp reveals the real definition and chooses three finalists from the entries submitted. The finalists seem to be chosen on creativity and humor, not for how close they came to the real definition. Readers vote for what they think is the best one, and the next day the Word Imp announces the winner. The only prize is the glory of being chosen.

Normally, large numbers of competing definitions are not submitted (sometimes less than 20), so people have a better chance of winning than they do in contests with huge numbers of entries.

My entries have won or tied a few times, and have also sometimes been nominated and not won. Just being nominated was an honor, and, of course, I appreciated the wins or ties. For those times when I was not a finalist, well, there's always next time.

The link for the site is below. The definitions that people enter can be very creative and are interesting to read, even if you don't enter a definition of your own.

Word Imperfect



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